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PITTMAN are UK distributors for NOTRAX™ anti-fatigue mats, entrance mats and logo mats. Notrax offer an unrivalled selection of specialist anti-fatigue mats for workplaces in both wet and dry environments. Safety matting is very important to remove slip hazards in workplaces and come in the form of our safety floor runners. Entrance mats not only boost the appearance of your commercial or industrial area giving a great first impression, but also help reduce slips and falls. For the ultimate professional appearance have your logo or corporate message printed on our custom logo mats.
Choose heavy duty outdoor mats to reduce indoor cleaning costs. Using outdoor mats removes the dirt and debris from pedestrian shoes before it has a chance to spread indoors. Use these rubber mats in conjunction with indoor mats to keep your premises presentable at all times.
... are specially designed workplace mats which help reduce fatigue on workers who stand on hard floors. It’s scientifically proven that standing for long periods of time at work can cause lower limb disorders including plantar fasciitis which results in pain in the heal and the bottom of the foot. Anti-fatigue mats will combat this workplace hazard resulting in better health, better comfort and therefore increased productivity.
Anti-fatigue mats work by providing a cushioned effect while standing. This results in better blood circulation in your lower limbs which will reduce leg and foot tiredness. There is also a thermal insulation effect which combats cold coming up from concrete floors. An added benefit of many of our anti-fatigue mats is that they can also provide an anti-slip surface which gives better grip, resulting in less trips and falls at work.
Use heavy duty industrial rubber mats to reduce slips and trips in a hard-wearing environment.  They are made for assembly lines and factory floors. The thickness of the heavy duty mats also provide long-lasting comfort for employees standing for more than 4 hours per day.
Our partners in Notrax have an unrivalled range of high quality entrance mats in a wide selection of sizes – so we can supply you with the right quality mat at the optimum size for your entrance. Tested to numerous ASTM standard, our entrance mats are the well proven professional choice giving years of dependable service.
Choose from our selection of mats with high absorbency or intense scraping action to boost the safety and appearance of your workplace, leisure or industrial facility. Many of our customers include private individuals who want a long-lasting professional grade mat for their home or garage.
Why choose a NOTRAX logo mat?
As experts in entrance matting, Notrax are the professional choice for custom logo mats. Because of Notrax investment in state of the art printing machinery we can offer our customers an affordable and fast service. We are not aware of any producer offering a similar high quality custom printed logo mat at prices as low are ours. Need your logo mat in a hurry – typically our customers get their very own logo mat within 7 working days.
Call our friendly sales team on 020 3773 5397 to discuss your requirements – but don’t forget you’ll get our very best prices when you order online.

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