Gojak Model 6200 (Pair, one LH, one RH)


Note: If the car is completely immobilised you will need two pairs

 Strong and durable car jack suitable for lifting and moving most normal sized vehicles.

  • Lifts vehicles of up to 6,200lbs (1,550lbs per wheel)
  • Lifts trucks with tire widths up to 13 x 36 inches
  • Uses steel rollers and double ball raceway casters
  • Ideal for rolling heavy weights with ease

This car jack can come in pairs of right hand and left hand units to use on both sides of the car.


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With the Gojak 6200 car jack lifting and moving cars becomes quite an easy task.  In cases where illegally parked cars block the way for employees in a company car park or a similar area this car jack uses a right hand and left hand jack to slip under the car, lift it up and roll it to a safe area with ease. 

The Gojak 6200 can be used on most car types and can withstand a weight of up to 6200lbs (1550lbs being dispersed onto each wheel).

This particular model of car jack is more versatile, it uses steel rollers and utilises wider axles in comparison to similar car jacks in the same product line. 

It also uses 4-inch double-ball raceway casters which, when combined with the wider axles, makes it highly manoeuvrable when rolling or moving cars around.  The Gojak 6200 is foot controlled using a simple pedal located at the top of the car jack. By pressing this down repeatedly the car can be lifted up with great ease, which saves the user having to get down on their hands and knees to use the product.

Overall, the Gojak car jack is bigger, better and stronger than the previous models available.  Order it now from Pittman Traffic and Safety Equipment for delivery in 7-10 working days.


Product Specifications:

Weight: 21kg

Max tire height: 36"

Max tire height 13"

Max load: 6200lbs /2812kg (1550lbs / 703kg per wheel)

Casters: heavy duty 2 x 400mm, 2 X 125MM

Rollers: TWIN rust resistant, plated steel

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