FlexBrite™ Impact Recovery Post - Accessories
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A great set of accessories for using with the FlexBrite Impact Recovery Posts. The Adaptor 762126 has to be ordered for each accessory in order to fit onto the Flexbrite.

  • Round sign - 275mm Ø printable area
  • Rectangular sign - 405 x 350 mm printable area
  • Easily attachable ready made or blank signs
  • Signs can be fitted easily with the FlexBrite Adapter
  • Eyelet for chains allows forcreation of chain barriers
  • Can be fitted with great ease
  • Suitable for separating traffic lanes, car parks etc

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The FlexBrite Impact Recovery Posts are an excellent product that provide the customer with a highly durable post for demarcating important areas, whether in their premises or on roadways.  These highly flexible bollards provide the customer with one of the best impact recovery solutions available. Made from a highly durable polyurethane material these impact recovery posts are perfect for demarcating important areas while also remaining highly durable and quite visible while in use.

While these impact recovery posts provide so much benefits on their own they also come with their own optional accessories, providing even more benefits to the customer while they are in use.

    • The FlexBrite Impact Recovery Posts have the option of attaching highly visible signs that help the customer to portray different messages to the public, including 'No Parking', 'No Entry' as well signs that can indicate for traffic to keep left or right. 
    • Another option are the blank signs which allow the user to portray their own message by using their own personalised stickers or labels
    • Also included in the accessories are the FlexBrite Adaptor and the Eyelet for Chains.  The FlexBrite Adaptor can be installed quickly and easily into the top of the impact recovery posts which then in turn allow for the installation of the signs. Note that each sign order comes with a free FlexBrite Adaptor.
    • The FlexBrite Eylet for Chains allow the customer to install a hoop in the top of the impact recovery post.  This allows the customer to combine the impact recovery posts with chains, excellent for demarcating out of bounds areas

The FlexBrite Impact Recovery Post and it's accessories are perfect for using in all kinds of environments and provide the customer with even more options when installing these posts. Order today from Pittman Traffic and Safety Equipment to combine these accessories with one of the best impact recovery posts available.

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