Farm Safety notice Safety Sign

The Farm Safety Notice Sign is perfect for alerting visitors to farm safety issues while they are on farm property

  • This Farm Safety Sign is available in Corriboard and Dibond. Corriboard is ideal for temporary use, where Dibond is much more duragle and can last for several years
  • Can be installed into walls or cable-tied to a fence with great ease
  • Provides a clear, easy to read message for visitors to a farm
  • This farm safety sign is made to show several messages and notices while in use

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When running a farm one of the most important things you have to do is look after the visitors to your property, in whatever means you can. The Farm Safety Notice sign is perfect for installing in almost any farm property, where the sign can be used to alert visitors to any precautions that have to be taken while they are on the farm. These large 600 x 600mm farm safety notice signs are sure to alert any nearby visitors to their presence, ensuring that any messages are made clear.

This sign not only provides excellent visibility while in use but also provides the customer with a sign that can display multiple safety messages all at once.

  • Each farm safety notice sign is 600 x 600mm (2ft x 2ft) in size, ensuring that this safety sign can be seen by any nearby visitors
  • Ideal for warning visitors to farm regarding safety issues that may affect them while they are on the farm premises, including machinery in operation, the supervision of children, paying attention to other safety signs etc.
  • CORRIBOARD is ideal for temporary to semi-permanent use (1 - 2 years) and can be nailed into a wall or hung onto fences or railings using cable ties
  • DIBOND is more durable ( 3 - 5 years) and can be installed directly into walls using nails or bolts
  • Concise, clear and effective safety sign for farms that can be easily read by all pedestrians in the area

These Farm Safety Signs are perfect for alerting visitors to hidden dangers on the farm premises and aim to reduce the risk of accidents or injury. Order today from Pittman Traffic and Safety Equipment for the best in safety signs for your premises.

This Farm Safety Sign reads:

Farm Safety Notice

No Unauthorised entry, all visitors must report to farm office

Observe safety signs

Children must be supervised - Parents are advised to to warn their children of the dangers of playing on farms. Children should never be left unnaccompanied on a farm

Caution - Farm machinery is working in this area

Beware - Farm animals can be dangerous

Visitors are advised not to interfere with animals

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