ESD Mat Accessories
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Combine with ESD Mats to Increase User Safety

  • 5 accessory options for our ESD mats range
  • Coil cord - max length 1.8 metres
  • 1 meg resistor for operator safety
  • Common ground point wire - connects to earth bonding plug
  • Banana socket for connection to coil cord
  • Floor mat grounding wire - reduce static in floor matting
  • Female studs on each end - easy connection
  • Earth bonding plug - connect bench or floor mats to ground
  • Suitable for use with wristand and heel grounder
  • Metal earth pin with plastic casing increases user safety

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The ESD matting accessories provide increased protection to operating while working with ESD mats in high static areas. The accessories are designed to aid the use of the mats be assisting with capturing static buildup or earthing the operator. Each accessory comes in a single unit and can be used with each of the ESD mats in the range.

The coil cord comes with a 10mm female to female stud for connecting mats with the grounding socket. The coil allows for easy stretching of the cable up to 1. 8 metres in length. The floor mat grounding cable workes in the same manner for ground based mats. Use the cable to connect ESD mats to the grounding socket.

The heel grounder and wristband allow the operator to remain grounded easily. Each grounder is a one-size-fits-all design so that it is suitable for any person. Combine with ground cords and grond point socket for excellent protection to operators and equipment.

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