Durabel IceFree Stainless Steel Traffic Mirror

Stainless steel traffic mirror that is perfect for use in adverse weather condition

  • Thermo active gel regulates temperature
  • Prevents the formation of ice or mist on the mirror
  • Works well down to temperatures of -20°C
  • Perfect for using to see around bends or blind spots
  • Ideal for use in high or remote locations
  • No need for a power supply
  • Mirror is made from robust metal

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The Durabel IceFree Stainless Steel Traffic Mirror is specifically designed to endure adverse weather conditions that are often experienced in remote areas. It combines the tempered mirror front of the DURABEL Traffic Mirror with an advanced thermo-active aluminium back plate. The patented thermo-active gel found inside the back plate regulates the surface temperature of the mirror, and in so doing, prevents the formation of ice and mirror mist.


The Durabel IceFree Stainless Steel Traffic Mirror is easily fitted to the traffic post of your choice and with its ice-free capabilities it operates well even in sub-zero temperatures without the need of a power supply. It is manufactured from a robust metal and the convex mirror is reinforced with an acrylic film for added durability. The acrylic film also acts as a shock absorber should the mirror encounter opposing forces.


The convex, rounded shape of the Durabel IceFree Stainless Steel Traffic Mirror allows for a wider field of vision than that provided by flat mirrors. This aids the driver in seeing all possible angles and minimizes the scope of blind spots.


Features and benefits:

  • Effective down to -20° C
  • No power supply required
  • For external and internal use
  • Red and white reflective bands for enhanced visibility
  • Includes fixing bracket for easy installation


The use of the Durabel IceFree Stainless Steel Traffic Mirror in the UK is especially popular inland, in areas where a steady power supply is not available and in areas where the climate affects the efficiency of traffic equipment.

Highly suitable for areas with extreme climatic conditions. The DURABEL IceFree Mirror combines the mirror front of the DURABEL Traffic Mirror with new thermoactive materials. These regulate the surface of the mirror, thus preventing the formation of ice and condense. Aluminium back plate contains the patented Thermoactive gel. Complete with fixing brackets for 76mm Dia. posts. Red/white reflective border ensures mirror is noticed. Easily fitted high quality Stainless Steel traffic mirror with ice free capability. Robust and shatter-proof, frost and ice free convex traffic mirror.

  • Effective down to -20 degrees C.
  • No electric supply required.
  • For External and Internal use.


5 year warranty against manufacturing defaults  


  • Polished stainless steel, aluminium black cover.
  • Active material: Thermo-active gel,
  • Frame: Reflective Red/White border,
  • Bracket: Adjustable to fit 76mm post.


Viewing Distances

  • 400 x 600mm: 5 Metres
  • 600 x 800mm: 10 Metres
  • 800 x 1000mm: 15 Metre
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