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Security Mirrors are used to inspect the underside of vehicles and aid security personnel in locating dangers or prohibited items. The mirrors can boost workplace visibility and help security to identify hazards from a safe distance and with minimal effort. Security mirrors are common among security staff at airports, ferry terminals, events, festivals, private businesses and more.

Security convex mirrors usually include castors to wheel the mirror into position under the vehicle. The castors allow the mirror to manoeuvre as needed and minimise the effort in locating dangers. The mirrors are critical when it comes to deterring terrorism and smuggling operations.

Security mirrors are a low-cost, highly efficient means of detecting dangers. Having them in place provides peace of mind as well as increased security standards for premises.

Wall-mounted security mirrors can also help to reduce vehicle blind spots and to reduce the risk of collisions in the workplace.

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The Security Inspection Mirror on Castors can provide increased security when dealing with approaching vehicles at a checkpoint. The mirror includes an extendable handle to allow it to reach under every area of the vehicle. This reduces the need to manually inspect vehicles while maintaining a safe distance. Each vehicle security mirror is made with shatter-resistant acrylic material. The mirror front provides a clear image. It can also be equipped with an additional clip-on light for dark areas or night-time use.

Wall-mounted security mirrors can assist with reducing blind spots in loading bays, vehicle inspection areas and more. The mirrors allow drivers to see around bad corners and reduce the risk of collisions with other vehicles and pedestrians.

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