Roadside Traffic Mirrors

Roadside Traffic Mirrors are used to allow drivers to see past blind spots and decrease the risk of road accidents. Traffic mirrors provide a clear view of oncoming traffic and reduce the risk of collisions. The mirrors are usually installed at rural entrances where views may be obstructed by bends in the road or local greenery.

A roadside traffic mirror is typically installed onto a standard 76mm (3-inch) pole. The brackets supplied allow it to be mounted easily where needed. The mirror can be adjusted to point in the exact direction it is needed.

Note that a roadside traffic mirror can only be used to see in one main direction. A second mirror may be required if vision is needed in two opposite directions. It is best to install the mirror where it will provide the best vision and where the user will benefit from it most.

roadside traffic mirrors

The SeeClear Convex Steel Mirrors provide the most durable roadside mirror option. The steel mirror front is highly resistant to impact from vehicles or missiles. They can provide a long term vision for rural or urban environments. The mirror front can provide clear vision even if dented. The mirror is virtually maintenance-free and may only require simple cleaning from time to time.

The SeeClear Extra Convex Mirror is a great option for wall or pole mount. Each mirror includes brackets for 76mm pole mount or wall mount in the box. The chequered style design makes it very popular with business environments like warehouses and yards.

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