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Reduce Interior Blind Spots - Interior Safety Mirrors Delivered Fast

Interior Safety Mirrors can reduce indoor blindspots which reduces the risk of accidents. By removing blindspots pedestrians and work vehicle operators can move around with greater safety. Safety mirrors can be installed directly onto walls or ceilings to provide the best vision for the particular area.

Large public buildings like hospitals tend to use interior safety mirrors to eliminate blind spots at t-junctions or sharp bends. Here there is a potential increased risk of collision from patient trolleys or wheelchairs. The Panoramic 180 degree acrylic dome mirror can mount directly to walls and can reduce the risk of blind spots in long corridors. The acrylic design provides a lightweight construction for an easy install on site.

Interior convex mirrors are a well-trusted option for boosting retail security. They help to eliminate hidden areas behind aisles and allow shop staff to observe any suspicious activity behind a shop stand. The Panoramic 90 Degree Acrylic Dome Convex Mirror is very popular with store security managers – a simple low-tech yet effective solution to counteract shoplifting.

interior safety mirrors

Interior Safety Mirrors are generally made from a lightweight acrylic material. However, steel mirrors are much more robust and are better suited to harsher environments. In most cases, steel indoor mirrors can be impacted by vehicles or machinery and can still operate quite well.

The Indoor Convex Stainless Steel Mirrors provide years of use while installed. The tough steel front can provide great vision even if dented or impacted. The adjustable wall bracket allows it to move in different directions where needed.

indoor safety mirrors

Safety interior mirrors are often used in cleanroom areas to maintain high levels of cleanliness and hygiene. Cleanroom mirrors are often placed above machinery and food processing areas to ensure superb quality control of products. Steel mirrors are generally used in cleanrooms in order to minimise any debris from the mirror entering into cleanroom workspaces.

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