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  • XPT 50 Speed Bump Kit


    XPT-50 Speed Bump Kit 50mm


    The XPT-50 Speed Ramp Kit 50mm provides an instant traffic calming benefit to the area it is installed in, suitable for a variety of areas ranging from private roads, freight depots, warehouses and more. Each kit comes with everything you need to install...

  • XPT Wheel Stop 1800mm Yellow

    XPT Wheel Stop 1800mm Yellow


    The GHP Rubber Wheel Stop 1800mm Yellow is a highly effective rubber parking kerb that can be installed into many areas with both concrete and tarmac surfaces.  Each rubber wheel stop can be used to prevent cars from driving past a point in a...

  • Multi Max Chain Posts

    Multi Max Chain Posts


    The Multi Max Chain Posts are a perfect addition to any busy area where pedestrians and vehicle traffic are on the move. The highly visible posts can be equipped with chain to help block off out of bounds areas or to deter entry or exit from a particular...

  • XPT Wheel Stop 1800mm White


    XPT Wheel Stop 1800mm White


    The XPT Wheel Stop 1800mm White can be installed easily into an and provides an excellent means of deterring cars from moving beyond a particular point, ideal for protecting nearby assets, other vehicles, property and more.  Each wheel stop is made...

  • Ultra Portable Barrier


    Ultra Portable Barrier


      The Ultra Expandable Barrier is ideal for outdoor use, as the end columns can be filled with water to keep it upright in strong winds. It stretches out to 2.2 metres, and when it’s folded it is only 14.5cm wide. The great thing about...

  • Parking Warning Sticker -Extreme Adhesive

    Parking Warning Sticker -Extreme Adhesive


    Warning Sticker: "Please refrain from parking in this area". Use this windscreen sticker to help eliminate unauthorised parking within your car park area. This warning notice sticker uses an adhesive which is tough to remove from the glass by the driver...

  • C-Max Delineator Post

    Impact Recovery Systems

    C-Max Delineator Post


    The C-Max Delineator Post can provide excellent direction for cyclists and vehicles. Each bollard is made from toughened plastic. The post is fully flexible and can bend when impact occurs. If struck the bollard will give way and reduce damage to the...

  • JSP Ridgeback®  Speed Bump Kit 50mm


    JSP Ridgeback® Speed Bump Kit 50mm


    The JSP Ridgeback Speed Bump Kit 50mm can be installed quickly and easily onto site and assists with slowing traffic to approximatley 10km/h. Each speed bump kit is made from highly durable rubber sections and when you order the kit you get all...

  • Low-profile Bike Rack


    Low-profile Bike Rack


    "Just thanking you for the bike rack, it arrived today! Had it installed in minutes!”  Mick, Athenry The Low Profile Bike Rack gives you a smart “up-down” design which allows you to store numerous bike racks without handle bars...

  • SeeClear Convex Steel Mirrors


    SeeClear Convex Steel Mirrors


    The SeeClear Traffic Steel Convex Mirror is perfect for road safety, warehouses, industrial and residential areas. The stainless steel mirror is virtually unbreakable, and is easily cleaned with minimal maintenance. The mirror is UV resistant, and...

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