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From office cables to fire hoses, we have Britain's best selection of cable ramps.

Britain's widest range of cable ramps with fast delivery from stock. From the GHP Cable Tidy for office use to the tough Linebacker® 5 Channel Cable Protection Ramp for heavy-duty jobs, we have an option for any environment. Have an upcoming project? You can fill out our contact us form below or call us on 0203 773 5397 for a quick quotation.

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Our selection of cable ramps will protect wires, cables and hoses from damage while also reducing the risk of trips to pedestrians. While the cables are protected under the ramp, pedestrians and vehicles can use the ramps with less risk of tripping.

Cable ramps come in various formats and designs. At Pittman, we have designs available for pedestrians, cars or trucks. Our pedestrian ramps can protect wires or small cables and help avoid trips, while our heavy-duty ramps are used with industrial-size cables and hoses on larger scale projects.

Do not leave cable ramps unattended while in use. Ensure that cables are completely tucked into or under the ramp. Check the units regularly to make sure they haven't been damaged.

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Choosing the right cable ramp

To choose the right ramp for your project keep in mind -

  • What kind of traffic will be passing over the ramps? - Depending on the traffic moving over the ramps will determine what kind of cable ramp you need. Heavier-duty ramps are suited to trucks and HGVs, ideal for outdoor roadworks or maintenance. Lighter-duty cable ramps will suffice for pedestrian activity.
  • What size cables do you need to protect? - Our ramps can protect any cable type, from small wires and power leads to industrial style hoses and tubing. Check the diameter of your cables before purchasing cable protectors to ensure the wires will fit correctly with the ramp.
  • What kind of area you are using the ramp in? - Will the area be left unattended, or are the cable ramps only there for a temporary purpose? Be sure to check the site they are deployed to in order to ensure the state of the surface. Cable ramps are not designed to cover open ground and should only be installed on flat surfaces.

The Cable Protector Roll 20mm can protect single cables at once. The integral channel underneath can hold 20mm cables. Each unit is made from tough rubber and can be used to protect cables from HGVs. The handy 10-metre roll allows for quick deployment to site.

Cable ramps can be used repeatedly for different projects. The HR2 Cable Protection Ramp can join together with other units to protect cables over unlimited distances. The ramp includes an integral lid that allows the cables to be easily inserted. Once in place, the lid can be closed and cables are instantly protected. The chequered surface provides increased grip for truck tyres.

Use the HR5 Hose Ramp with larger industrial hoses. The channels include room for 135 x 140mm hoses, ideal for fire hoses, industrial piping and much more. These heavy-duty cable ramps are often used with emergency service vehicles and larger articulated lorries.

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