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A hose protector can protect exposed hoses from impact damage. They can also reduce the risk of trips and falls when pedestrians are around. Install hose protectors to reduce expensive repairs to equipment and limit work accidents.

The hose protector will cover the exposed hoses. Depending on the design it may include a lid to insert the hose or the channel may run underneath.

Most hose protectors are made from highly durable rubber materials. Rubber designs are suitable for installing on-site by hand but are also highly durable while in use. When choosing a hose protector be sure that you know -

  • What kind of traffic will be passing through the area
  • How often the traffic will be passing through
  • What size cables you are trying to protect

hose protector

Different hose protectors are available for use specifically with cars, HGVs or pedestrians. Choose a design that best suits the requirement of your project. It is important that correct signage is displayed when using hose protectors in order to warn drivers and pedestrians that they are in place.

Use the HR2 Cable Protection Ramp to protect hoses from HGVs. The tough design of the HR2 allows it to be used with heavy trucks on an occasional basis. Use the interlocking design of the hose protection ramps to cover larger distances when required. The hinged lid allows for quick insertion of cables and hoses before use. It is important to note that hose protection ramps should not be left unattended while in use and should be monitored at all times.

The Cable protector Roll 20mm comes in handy 10-metre rolls and can be deployed to the site quickly. This customisable hose protector provides a cost-effective and highly effective means of cable protection.

hose protection

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