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  • Cable/Hose Protection Ramp - 5 Channel


    Cable/Hose Protection Ramp - 5 Channel


    The Hose/Cable Protection Ramp - 5 Channel is an excelelnt addition to many kinds of sites and work areas where cables may be left out in the open.  Using a cable protection ramp helps to protect key wires, hoses or cables from damage, especially...

  • Cable Protector Roll 20mm


    Cable Protector Roll 20mm


    The Cable Protector Roll 20mm provides excellen protection to hoses and cables when and where needed most, ideal where trucks, forklifts or cars may be in use.  Each cable protector comes in a 10 metre roll which can be easily cut to suit the...

  • HR3 Fire Hose Protection Ramps

    HR3 Fire Hose Protection Ramps


    The HR3 modular rubber cable / hose protection ramps are ideal for protecting large hoses and cables from traffic permitting vehicles to drive over safely.  Each HR3 Hose Ramp offers protection for 2 hoses or cables with a maximum width of 76mm in...

  • HR4 Hose Ramp

    HR4 Hose Ramp


    The HR4 Hose Protection Ramp is a sturdy, very durable piece of equipment that helps to protect important hoses and cables in places such as warehouses, factories as well as outdoor environments. The overall height of these hose ramps also encourage...

  • CR2 Pedestrian Cable Cover


    CR2 Pedestrian Cable Cover


    The CR2 cable protection ramp is a simple yet highly effective means of protecting important cables or wires in areas where they are needed most, including car parks, schools, offices etc.  These cable protection ramps are excellent for protecting...

  • Pittman

    GHP Cable Tidy - Protection Ramp Indoor 1M


    GHP Cable Tidy - The UKs Favourite for Cable Tidy Protection The GHP Cable Protection Ramp is ideal for using inside factories and offices. It will allow machinery and other items to easily move over it while still removing the risk of...

  • CablePro HD Cable Protection Ramp

    CablePro HD Cable Protection Ramp


    The CablePro HD Cable Protection Ramp provides excellent protection to heavy duty cables and is suitable for using in indoor or outdoor environments. Each cable ramp is made from highly durable rubber and can be used to protect important cables or wires...

  • HR2-E Hose Cable Protection Ramp

    HR2-E Hose Cable Protection Ramp


    The HR2-E Hose Cable Protection Ramp provides instant, robust protection to loose laying cables or hoses that may be exposed to damage by vehicles. What's more, each HR2-E cable ramp helps to deter pedestrians from tripping over loose cables, making them...

  • HR5 Hose Ramp

    HR5 Hose Ramp


    Constructed from thermoplastic rubber, the HR5 Hose ramp is a highly durable and highly effective product when it comes to protecting important cables, wires or hoses in many kinds of environments, whether indoors or outdoors.  These hose ramps...

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