Driveway Bollards

Driveway Bollards provide you with an excellent deterrent against theft when you need them most – each of our Pittman driveway bollards can be installed quickly and easily for use at home. Each bollard is perfect for protecting nearby assets, especially the likes of vehicles, sheds or doorways. At Pittman, we have a terrific bollards range that will help you protect your property in an instant with strong, durable options to choose from.

What are driveway bollards used for?
Driveway bollards can be installed at your own private residence where you may have a car or part of your property to protect. These bollards can be installed directly into your driveway to deter would-be car thieves from stealing your vehicle. When installed in the right place the bollard should prevent the car from being able to manoeuvre and deter theft of the vehicle. Using a driveway bollard like the BudgetBollard Driveway Parking Post is an ideal solution for your driveway.

This bollard can be installed quickly and easily into a driveway and utilises a handy removable feature that allows for access when you need it. The ground socket that comes with the driveway bollard will be submerged under the ground and when the bollard is needed it can be inserted into it in an instant. For locking it into place the bollard will come with a discus padlock – if you are purchasing more than one of these bollards we can key them alike so that you can open all your bollards with just one key.

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