Traffic Bollards

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What kind of Traffic Bollards can I purchase from Pittman?
Traffic Bollards come in various different configurations including:

Available in a selection of materials and finishes – most popular for bollards is hot-dipped galvanised which means even if an external coating like powder coating is scratched, the underlying bollard will not rust. All of our Autobahn bollards are hot-dip galvanised, some with an additional powder coating.

Why do I need to install Traffic Bollards?
Traffic bollards provide many different benefits for your area. For use at home a fold down or retractable traffic bollard would to deter theft of your vehicle if installed behind it. In a car park or warehouse type environemtn a steel traffic bollard would help to protect nearby assets from damage as well as creating safe work areas for employees. Flexible traffic bollards are ideal for using on roadsides or car park areas to create out of bounds places where cars cannot enter - the flexible nature of these bollards mean the they not only reduce damage to cars if impact occurs they also reduce damage to themselves, providing excellent impact recovery benefits when needed most. Each of our bollard options different benefits for the area they are being placed in.

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