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Choose from a wide range of street bollards designed to demarcate pedestrian areas, decorate streets and prevent vehicle access on British roads and streets. Stainless steel bollards can provide a long-lasting professional finish to public spaces, choose from a wide range of styles with fast delivery on bulk quantities. Use the highly popular Impact Recovery Systems bollards to protect cyclists and separate bikes and vehicles on local travel routes. Need the best quotations for your upcoming street project? Call our street bollards expert Ryan Haddick on 07375295107 or email

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Street Bollards are used to block pedestrian or vehicle access on public streets. They can also help to boost the aesthetic appeal of public streetscapes. Street bollards come in various designs and formats and can help to improve the overall look of cities, towns and more.

Stainless steel bollards can help to greatly improve public settings. Their sharp, professional design fits in with most modern environments. Install at business premises, streets, car parks and more to boost the look of the area.

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Street bollards can also work well with other street furniture. Combine the bollards with high-quality planters, litter bins, park benches or notice boards to provide a highly attractive experience for the area.

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How do you install street bollards?

Street bollards are usually bolted down or installed directly into concrete depending on the bollard you purchase. 

Bolt down options like rubber bollards or steel bollards will typically be easier to install than most options. The base plate allows for bolting directly into the surface. Ideally, a concrete pad is required for the best installation results.

Removable bollards will allow access to the area when required. This may be useful to public spaces where entry can be granted for emergency services, delivery trucks etc.

There are also sub-surface bollard options that are fixed into concrete for permanent install. For instance, our most popular bollard, the Semi Dome Stainless Steel Bollard, can be installed directly into concrete immediately. It can also be used in conjunction with retention sockets if you are planning to remove them at some point or to save on repeat excavations.

If you are looking for a quicker install time try our Stainless Steel Bollard for surface mount - the base plate allows for bolting directly into the ground fast, ideal for fast install on site.

Equipping street bollards with chain

We have a selection of street bollards that can be equipped with chain. Our most popular bollard is the Province Steel Bollard - this highly attractive steel bollard can be installed directly into concrete and can be equipped with chain eyes and chain in order to close off larger areas or to provide the finishing touch to a project. Each bollard is made from hot-dip galvanised steel and is perfect for supporting the weight of steel chai

Where to use flexible street bollards

Flexible street bollards offer a highly attractive finish for public spaces, but will bend on impact from vehicles should impact occur.

The Flexbrite™ City Bollard and the Flexbrite™ Metro Bollard. These street bollards come with an excellent modern design, ideal for public spaces. Because they are made from an extremely tough polyurethane they can bend on impact should they occur, ideal for protecting important assets while providing a modern style design to your premises. 

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