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  • Stainless Steel Bollard - Surface Mount


    Stainless Steel Bollard - Surface Mount


    This stainless steel bollard is a highly durable and highly effective post for use in all kinds of areas including shopping centres, towns and in cities.  With a modern and attractive finish, this bollard is perfect for using along the sides of...

  • Autobahn Steel Barrier Post


    Autobahn Steel Barrier Post


    The Autobahn Steel Barrier Post is a tough, study post that will allow you to protect your property from traffic in the areas. The hot dip galvanised post is powder coated white and has three reflective strips to increase visibility in bad light...

  • Autobahn Fold Down Parking Post


    Autobahn Fold Down Parking Post


      The Autobahn Fold Down Parking Post is the ideal solution to preventing theft of your car, as well as preventing unauthorised access to employee car parking spaces or restricted areas to industrial estates. Highly visible and built to last, the...

  • Autobahn Removable Parking Post

    Autobahn Removable Parking Post


    The Removable Barrier Post has a tough design gives you excellent protection and is a great robbery deterrent. The steel post is 60mm ø, and is 900mm high. The post is coloured white with red reflective strips to made it highly visible a night or...

  • Defender Barrier Sub-Surface Post


    Defender Barrier Sub-Surface Post


    The Defender Barrier Sub-Surface Post is a highly durable post that is suitable for providing excellent impact protection in many kinds of environments.  The 900mm high post provides an excellent means of protecting certain areas from...

  • Windsor Rope Post

    Queue Solutions

    Windsor Rope Post


    The Windsor Rope Post is an elegant and attractive rope post that is ideal for blocking off areas or restricting access to pedestirans when needed.  They are also create an excellent means of organising queues and lines in many kinds of environments...

  • Autobahn Impact Recovery Bollard-


    Autobahn Impact Recovery Bollard-


    The Autobahn Impact Recovery Bollard is great for protecting areas that can be damaged by vehicles. The post can tilt 30° to minimise damage to the post and the vehicle. The impact protection post is hot dip galvanised for a rust free lifetime, and...

  • Autobahn Swivelling Gate


    Autobahn Swivelling Gate


    The Autobahn Swivelling Gate is a highly durable and highly visible barrier that restricts entry to unauthorised drivers when used in car parks, sites or any kind of business premises.  This gate uses a swivel motion, in that is cemented into an...

  • Autobahn Junior Barrier Post with Chain Eyes


    Autobahn Junior Barrier Post with Chain Eyes


    The Autobahn Junior Barrier Post with Chain Eyes is perfect for use in a number of kinds of areas. Smaller than most similar products, the Autobahn Junior barrier posts are excellent for use in areas with low traffic volumes, including forecourts and...

  • Forecourt Steel Bollard Post

    Forecourt Steel Bollard Post


    The Forecourt Steel Bollard Posts are a highly durable bollard that can be installed directly into concrete to deter entry or mark particular areas - ideal for car parks and forecourts in fuelings stations. Each post is made from high quality...

  • Autobahn Widearm Parking Post


    Autobahn Widearm Parking Post


    The Autobahn Wide Arm Parking Post gives you a wide and intimidating driveway security post. It’s perfect for areas with a number of different spaces side-by-side, as the wide arms stop people from parking between the posts. This helps to stop...

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