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At Pittman we have a vast range of steel bollards that can be used in many different areas to provide different benefits for each and every customer. Our bollards are available in many different formats and designs to provide you with type of bollard you need for your area. Our bollard range consists of many types of posts and bollards such as stainless steel bollards, anti ram bollards, security bollards and many more. At Pittman we can supply all sorts of street furniture – if we can quote for any upcoming project or can help you choose a product please do not hesitate to ask.
What are steel bollards used for?
Depending on the area they are used in steel bollards can provide many different kinds of benefits and come in various formats to suit their purpose. For example the Stainless Steel Bollard is perfect for designating out of bounds type areas, suitable for the likes of car parks and private premises. Each bollard can be installed directly into the ground quickly and easily – the stainless steel design ensures a professional, sleek design suitable for high-quality standards. Use these bollards to create lanes for pedestrians or indeed to separate pedestrians from vehicles traffic. These stainless steel posts are used along pathways or at the front of buildings.
What are removable steel bollards?
Removable bollards can be used in an area where the space may need to be accessed on a regular basis or at some point in time. Using high quality bollards such as the Autobahn Removable Steel Post provides a perfect means of being able to remove the bollard when access is required – this makes them excellent security bollards and can help to deter entry to places they are needed. Equipped with a ground socket and lock and key system these bollards can be easily removed and stored or put back into place in an instant. Made from tough hot-dip galvanised steel these posts are suitable for many outdoor environments including car parks, warehouses and more.

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