Stainless Steel Bollards

stainless steel bollards

The Best In Stainless Steel Bollards - Large Stocks For Fast Delivery

At Pittman we have a vast range of stainless steel bollards that are suitable for various types of environments, providing that professional, high-class finish that is required for a business premises, school, shop front and more. Where steel bollards are fine for most environments, stainless steel bollards provide a long-lasting bollard that has various purposes and uses for your area.

Stainless Steel Bollards will deter entry into an area while providing a professional design for public environments. The bollards can be placed in areas to separate vehicle and pedestrian traffic while providing an improved aesthetic.

Stainless steel posts will provide highly durable entry deterrents for years at a time. Use the bollards to create pedestrian walkways or provide a finishing touch to business premises.

Using street bollards can help to boost public aesthetics on urban streetscapes. The almost mirror sheen on stainless bollards provides a more fitting design when compared to rubber bollards or plastic bollards.

If you are installing in warehouse environments consider industrial steel bollards instead. These types of posts will be better suited to warehouse environments where they can absorb impacts and protect assets from damage.

stainless steel posts

304 or 316 Stainless Steel

Stainless steel bollards are usually available in two different grades, 304 and 316. There is no visible difference between the two grades, however, 316 grades have an additional chemical in their makeup that allows them to resist salt corrosion. Therefore, 316 stainless steel is better suited to coastal environments.

stainless steel bollards uk

Why use Stainless Steel Bollards?

Stainless Steel Bollards should be used where you need the best quality bollard option for your environment. Stainless steel bollards come with a sleek, professional finish that provides a modern, highly attractive design that can complement a variety of professional premises. 

What is the most popular Stainless Steel Post option?

The Semi Dome Stainless Steel Bollard is one of our most popular stainless bollards and is available for quick delivery straight from our warehouse. It is a perfect fit for many areas and is made with 304 Stainless Steel these bollards can be concreted directly into the ground to provide an instant solution to parking problems. 

How are the bollards installed?

Stainless steel bollards come with various mounting options which allow you to either cast the bollard in concrete or bolt directly to the surfaces. Mounting options for surfaces include bolt-down and fold-down. Sub-surface options include removable, retractable, or cast-in designs.

If you need access to an area you can try our Street Stainless Steel Fold Down Bollard. This high-quality post can be bolted down directly into the surface. Utilising a lock and key system it can be folded down towards the ground, ideal for areas where you need a high-quality bollard while also allowing access when needed. Each bollard is fitted with a euro profile cylinder lock that is located at the top of the bollard, providing a quick means of unlocking the bollard at all times. To help prevent damage to the fine stainless steel each bollard is also fitted with a rubber stopper so that it will sit on the surface neatly when in the folded position.

stainless steel bollard

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