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removable bollards

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Removable Bollards and Posts are used to block off areas from public access. Remove temporarily to allow access for service vehicles, bin trucks or delivery vans. High quality steel posts made for easy removing and inserting when needed.

Removable bollards are steel posts designed to prevent vehicle access into a space. The bollards are installed into the ground to provide a physical entry deterrent where needed. The removable feature allows the bollard to be taken away to allow access if needed.

Removable bollards are generally made from steel for increased durability while in use. They use an integrated cylinder lock or padlock hasp depending on the design or model.

To install a removable post it will require a socket installed into the ground. This will require a slightly longer install time compared to fold down parking posts, but will reduce the trip hazard of the bollard remaining on the surface when the bollard is not in use.

removable parking bollards

Removable Bollards or Fold Down Bollards?

Fold-down bollards are widely used and are ideal in many situations. However, the bollard can present a trip hazard if left folded flat on the ground. Removable bollards reduce the risk of trips and falls while they are removed from the area. The ground socket on some removable posts can be completely covered to make the socket flush with the surface.

What are the best removable bollards?

For driveway security: The BudgetBollard Driveway Parking Post – this entry level model comes with a discuss padlock, an integral socket flap and is very affordable.

For entrances: The Minder Removable Post - Cylinder Key – at 1000mm tall and three red reflective bands this post is highly visible and comes with an integral lock at the top of the bollard.

When style is important: The Street Stainless Steel Removable Post is sleek and aesthetically pleasing – perfect for high profile properties and is 316 grade stainless steel.

For ultimate durability: choose the Gorilla Post Removable Bollard which is really simple to
just insert onto a plate via a magnetic base.

removable bollard

Removable posts will generally be lightweight enough so that they can be lifted easily from the area. For heavy-duty requirements consider using retractable bollards instead. Retractable bollards will be countersunk under the ground and allow the bollard to be pulled up into the place. This is ideal for protecting shopfronts and doorways from ramming damage.

removable bollards uk

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