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High Quality Plastic Bollards For Road Delineation - FAST Delivery From Stock

Use plastic bollards to quickly delineate roads and car parks. Plastic bollards offer a cost-effective means for roadside delineation. With fast installation the bollards can help to illuminate roadways and deter entry where needed.

What are plastic bollards?
Plastic bollards are posts made from a plastic material. Bollards may be made from plastic for a cheaper option or for lighter duty requirements. Plastic bollards are usually lightweight and very easy to install.

Why use plastic bollards?
Plastic bollards are much more cost effective than other types of bollards. They can be easily replaced if damaged. They are also much more effective for delineating traffic than heavier steel counterparts.

Where to us plastic bollards?
Use plastic bollards for

  • Traffic lanes
  • Car parks
  • Business entrances
  • Pedestrian and vehicle separation
  • Cycle lanes
  • Off-highway roads

plastic bollards

Plastic bollards can be easily installed on site. The Autobahn plastic flexi post is highly noticeable for off-highway use. The bollard comes with a separate base system that allows for fast install. The bungee cord in the bottom of the bollard allows it to flex should impact occur.

A rubber based option is the Flexbrite Flexi Bollard. This plastic post is made from 100% polyurethane for longer lasting use. The plastic post will bend on impact from all manner of vehicles. The flexible nature reduces the risk of damage to both the bollard and the vehicle in this case.

Use the C-Max Delineator Post for excellent cycle lane delineation. This plastic post has been fully tested for road use. Each bollard is TSRGD compliant for using on UK roads.

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