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At Pittman we love flexible bollards. We have the widest range with thousands in stock. Choose from the highly popular Flexbrite® and Impact Recovery Systems® ranges, with fast delivery on bollards for on-highway and off-highway installation. Flexible bollards are versatile - use them to delineate roadways and car parks, delineate cycle lanes, control parking or prevent damage. Have an upcoming project? Call our sales team on 020 3773 5397 or contact us below for fast quotes and specifications.

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Flexible bollards are a highly visible and effective means of controlling traffic. They can be used to regulate traffic in pedestrian and in residential areas and bollards can provide an additional layer of security around public buildings and in car parks. Flexible bollards can also be used where strict speed limits are in place.

Choosing the right flexible bollards

Flexible bollards come in various materials including rubber, plastic and steel. Each one can suit a different purpose for a particular project.

  • Light-duty - plastic bollards will be suited for lighter duty requirements. This will include general delineation for pedestrian areas or car parks. Plastic posts will provide a flexible design to reduce the risk of damage. While not indestructible they can be easily replaced at a low cost if damaged. Plastic verge posts also provide a cost-effective means of marking rural entrances or gateways.
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  • Medium-duty - rubber bollards will provide better longevity than plastic options. The rubber design allows for repeated bending if impacted by vehicles. The Flexbrite range of flexible bollards maintain their colour and include highly reflective markings. These bollards are suited to car parks or off-highway areas and can provide instant lane separation on UK roads.
  • Heavy-duty - industrial settings like warehouses or freight depots will require a heavier duty bollard design. Steel bollards can come in a flexible design in order to reduce damage from work vehicle impacts like forklifts. The Slow Stop range of bollards can withstand repeated impacts from forklifts and protects assets and infrastructure from damage.

Our Flexbrite Flexi Bollard is ideal for use in separating lanes of traffic and creating boundaries in other areas. These highly coloured posts can be seen by both motorists and pedestrians even when in the full light of headlights. Ideal for use in warehouses, at loading bays, they also allow access to emergency vehicles, springing back into position after even major collisions. For delineating areas or marking directions use our Flexbrite Delineator Flexi Post, complete with stickers to give directions to oncoming motorists.

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How to install flexible bollards

Bolt down

  1. Measure the area to fit the bollards accordingly. Be sure to reduce the space in order to prevent cars from fitting between the posts
  2. Insert the bollards into place and use the pre-drilled holes to mark the position
  3. Remove the bollards and drill the holes using the required drillbit
  4. Re-insert the bollards into position
  5. Tighten the bollards into place - ensure tightened fully but not overtightened.


  1. Measure the area accordingly for the position of the bollards
  2. Excavate the concrete or tarmac and ensure the depth will be enough to accommodate the bollard
  3. Insert the bollard and ensure fully upright and straight
  4. Concrete the bollard into position and allow it to set

Verge Markers

  1. Excavate the grass to fit the verge marker
  2. Drive the verge marker into place - submerge it as far as the product recommends (this is usually a mark on the panel of the verge marker
  3. Pile the dirt or grass back around the base of the verge marker to reinforce the installation

The Autobahn Reflective Flexi Post is a best-selling impact-recovery post. The red and white strips ensure high visibility while posts spring back into position upon impact, reducing vehicular damage. Ideal for deterring vehicles from entering prohibited areas, impact recovery posts are simple to bolt directly into the ground.

Pittman is the sole authorised distributor for the Impact Recovery Systems® range in the UK. These American-made bollards are highly durable motorway posts that withstand the most challenging road conditions. Able to bend to ground level upon impact, they immediately return to their original position. Ideal for use at exit lanes and junctions.

The Impact Recovery Systems OmegaPost Flexible Bollard is the toughest flexible post on the market. They are perfect for British roadways and tested with up to 200 impacts at 50mph. Reduce the need for constant maintenance or replacement with the Omega posts.

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flexible posts

Our smaller Flexbrite™ 750 mm Flexible bollards are ideal for car parks, especially in multi-storey and underground parking areas. Posts are brightly coloured and feature reflective bands to ensure they are highly visible even in low lighting conditions.

Available in a variety of colours, these impact-recovery posts are capable of withstanding any number of collisions from vehicles, alerting drivers to the impact, yet quickly springing back into place. Posts are so durable they can even withstand impact from large trucks, vans and forklifts so they can be usefully deployed in a wide variety of manufacturing environments.

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