Driveway Security Bollards

When it comes to Driveway Security Bollards we at Pittman have an excellent range that is suitable for many different environments and purposes. Our range of bollards offers effective security and deterrence against theft of your vehicles while they are in use, including bollards with integral locks, separate padlocks, folding bollards, removable bollards, telescopic security bollards and more.
Use a Pittman Driveway Security Bollard when and where you need it most – for the best in driveway security call our experts today.

What are driveway security bollards used for?
Once installed driveway bollards can help to deter theft of personal vehicles or property, offering excellent peace of mind and security for valuable assets at home when they are in their upright position. Depending on the format of the bollard you can fold them down, remove them entirely or lower them into the ground when you need access to the area.

A security bollard such as the HD Removable Steel Bollard can be locked into place with ease. Each bollard is made with hot-dip galvanised and powder-coated steel. The main socket of the bollard will be installed into the concrete while the main bollard will sit into this socket. Once in place, the bollard can then be locked using a standard padlock. When lifting the security bollard out it is equipped with integral carry handles that create an excellent lift assist.

If you need a fold-down driveway security bollard try our BudgetBollard Fold Down Driveway Post. This excellent highly visible yellow bollard can be installed directly behind your vehicle and when in the upright position will be roughly the height of the front bumper. If buying multiple units for the likes of a business car park we can give you keyed alike bollards so that one set of keys will open all bollards, ideal for busy car park attendants.

driveway security bollards

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