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bolt down bollard

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Bolt Down Bollards have multiple uses, including deterring car theft, deterring vehicle entry, delineation and decorating public spaces. The bolt down format of the bollard allows for a fast and easy installation. Because the bollards do not require any excavation, they are much more cost-effective to install than sub-surface designs. Bolt down bollards can also be easily replaced should damage occur.

Folding Bolt Down Bollards can be used to allow and deny vehicle entry where needed. Fold the bollard down to allow vehicle access. Folding bolt down bollards are commonly used to deter vehicle entry or would-be car thieves.

Fixed bolt down bollards are used to decorate public spaces or deny entry permanently. Once bolted down, the bollards can guide vehicles or restrict access. Using stainless steel or an ornamental design can provide a high-quality finish to public projects.

Heavy-duty bolt down bollards are used in warehouses and freight areas to protect assets from impact damage. The bollards can absorb damage and reduce the need for costly repairs to machinery. They can also protect employees from harm.

Flexible bolt down bollards can delineate areas for car traffic. The bright, reflective designs are easily seen by drivers and will bend on impact should a car drive into them.

bolt down bollards

The C-Max Delineator Post provides excellent delineation for public roads and car parks. Each bollard is inserted into the fixed base with great ease. Once the bollard is bolted down the bollard will flex on impact from vehicles. This helps to minimise damage on both sides of the impact.

Bolt down bollards like the Semi Dome Bolt Down Stainless Steel Bollard can be used to decorate public spaces. The sleek design brings a professional finish to car parks, building fronts and more.

Take control of vehicle entry using the Controller Fold Down Parking Post. The bollard is bolted into the surface via the fixed base plate. When required the bollard can be unlocked and folded towards the ground. This allows for quick vehicle entry to authorised vehicles or during business hours. These bolt down posts can also be used to deter thieves at warehouse doors.

bolt down post

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