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Protect Storefronts and Vehicles from Theft - Use a Pittman Anti Ram Bollard for Increased Security

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An Anti Ram Bollard can provide better safety for warehouses and shopfronts. The design reduces the risk of the bollard bending or breaking. They are commonly used to reduce the risk of theft and damage to nearby assets and infrastructure. 

What is an anti-ram bollard?
These bollards are steel posts that are used to reduce the risk of damage from vehicles. The bollards can be used at key points that may be at risk from vehicle impacts. Their tough design reduces the risk of damage to warehouse infrastructure.

Why use an anti-ram bollard?

  • Reduce the risk of damage from impacting vehicles
  • Protect key infrastructure from damage
  • Reduce expensive repair costs
  • Reduce the risk of vehicle, store or warehouse theft

These bollards can usually be impacted by a vehicle will little damage to the bollard. Depending on the vehicle it may lessen the damage also. There are 2 main anti-ram bollard types available.

  • Fixed anti-ram bollard - installed next to important infrastructure or machinery that is exposed to damage or impact
  • Retractable anti-ram bollard - installed at warehouse or shop doors to deter the risk of ramming from vehicles

How strong are anti-ram bollards?
Anti ram bollards are usually made from steel. This makes them quite strong and suitable for vehicle impacts. Depending on the vehicle in the area you may require a different size or format anti-ram bollard.
The Autobahn Impact Recovery Bollard is flexible upon impact. It is ideal for warehouse racking and forklift charging points. Upon impact, the bollard will bend to reduce damage to both the impacting vehicle and the bollard itself.
For harder wearing environments the Black Bull Heavy Duty Bollard provides better warehouse protection. The thick steel protects machinery and racking from impact to create safer working environments.

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