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How does a bollard work?
bollard works by:

  • Deterring vehicle entry
  • Deterring vehicle theft
  • Delineating specific areas
  • Protecting assets from impact damage

What kind of bollard do I need?
Flexible Bollard:

  • Also known as impact recovery bollards
  • Instantly pop back into shape and position following an impact from a car
  • Perfect for delineation of traffic lanes, preventing unauthorised parking or highlighting a hazard
  • Remember damage is greatly reduced to both the car and the bollard due to the flexible material.
  • Best-seller: Flexbrite Flexi Bollard 1000mm
  • 1000mm

Fold-Down Bollard:

  • Come fitted with a hinge at the base, allowing the bollard to fold flat to the ground
  • Allows temporary access until the bollard is locked once again in the upright position
  • Perfect for protecting a car park space, restricting access
  • Ideal for theft prevention
  • Best-seller: Autobahn Folding Parking Post

Removable Bollard:

Retractable Bollard:

  • Typically sink into ground remaining flush with the surface when access is required
  • Offer the ultimate convenience: no trip hazard as with the fold-down
  • Excellent theft deterrence and anti-ram benefits
  • Best-seller: BudgetBollard Anti Ram Retractable Security Post

Fixed Bollard:

  • Left permanently
  • Solution to separating cars from pedestrian areas
  • Provide an anti-ram deterrent on a forecourt or retail development
  • Best-seller: Best-seller: Semi Dome Stainless Steel Bollard

How quickly can I get a bollard delivered to me?
All of the above mentioned bollards are in stock - delivery on these items would be 2-3 days, ideal for when you need bollards on site in a hurry or need to protect assets urgently. for more information on any of our bollard range please do not hesitate to contact us at any time.

 FAST DELIVERY on all stock items* to the UK Mainland & Northern Ireland

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