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Flexible Bollards32
Flexible Bollards
Impact Recovery Systems13
Impact Recovery Systems
Street Bollards18
Street Bollards
Fold Down Parking Posts10
Fold Down Parking Posts
Retractable Bollards2
Retractable Bollards
Removable Bollards9
Removable Bollards
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Stainless Steel Bollards
Industrial Steel Bollards16
Industrial Steel Bollards
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  • Empire Flexible Bollard

    Empire Flexible Bollard


    The Empire Flexible Bollard is a highly durable post option that can be used to demarcated out of bounds areas, provide a professional finish to a building front or business premises and much more. Each bollard is made from 100% pure vulvanised rubber...

  • Semi-Dome Stainless Steel Bollard XL

    Semi-Dome Stainless Steel Bollard XL


    The Semi Dome Stainless Steel Bollard XL provides a professional finish for outdoor environments, allowing you to demarcate out of bounds areas or creating pedestrian walkways where needed. Each bollard is made from high quality 304 grade stainless steel...

  • Defender Barrier Surface Post


    Defender Barrier Surface Post


    The Defender Barrier Surface Post is a highly visible and highly durable post that is suitable for providing excellent impact protection in many kinds of environments.  The 900mm high post provides an excellent means of protecting certain areas...

  • Semi Dome Stainless Steel Bollard


    Semi Dome Stainless Steel Bollard


    The Semi Dome Stainless Steel Bollard is a stylish yet highly durable bollard that not only looks the part when installed but also provides an excellent, long lasting product that will provide excellent benefits the from the moment it's installed. The...

  • Autobahn Fold Down Parking Post


    Autobahn Fold Down Parking Post


      The Autobahn Fold Down Parking Post is the ideal solution to preventing theft of your car, as well as preventing unauthorised access to employee car parking spaces or restricted areas to industrial estates. Highly visible and built to last, the...

  • Autobahn Removable Parking Post

    Autobahn Removable Parking Post


    The Removable Barrier Post has a tough design gives you excellent protection and is a great robbery deterrent. The steel post is 60mm ø, and is 900mm high. The post is coloured white with red reflective strips to made it highly visible a night or...

  • FlexBrite

    FlexBrite™ Flexible Bollard 1000mm (White/Red)


    The Flexbrite™ Flexible Bollards are made only from 100% pure new polyurethane from German manfucturers Bayer and BASF. Flexbrites are glued in Germany with film manufacturer Oralite®. The white bollards are also UV stabilised and have a 5 year...

  • Henley Fixed Bollard

    Henley Fixed Bollard


    The Henley Fixes Bollard provides an excellent post option - the highly professional finish makes it perfect for the the most professional of environments. Install the Henley bollard in public areas, schools, business premises, housing estates and more...

  • Followill Fixed Bollard


    Followill Fixed Bollard


    The Followill Fixed Bollard provides an excellent means of demarcating an out of bounds type area while also providing that professional look to your premises or area. The high quality steel ensures that they are made for various areas types. Each...

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