The City is yours – Pittman gain 2 new additions to the long-standing flexbrite™ flexible bollard range

27th Mar 2020

Our long-standing Flexbrite™ Flexible Bollard range gained 2 fantastic new additions this week – our Flexbrite City and Flexbrite Metro bollard join the superb flexible bollard ranks, complementing the already diverse Flexbrite™ range.

The Flexbrite City Flexible Bollard and Flexbrite Metro Flexible Bollard offer an excellent alternative to our standard Flexbrite™ bollard, where their design is ideal for the likes of public spaces as well as professional environments. At first glance the City and Metro bollards may look like standard ornamental style bollard, however, because they are made from rubber they can bend on impact should they be struck by a vehicle.

At Pittman we know that these flexible bollards will be perfect for many projects and requirements for near future. 

- 100% Polyurethane – just like the rest of the Flexbrite™ range the Metro and City bollards are made from a highly robust polyurethane. This makes the bollards very flexible if impact occurs, even with their rigid demeanour. The ground mounting base is made from a tough polyamid which only adds to the bollard’s tough design. What’s more, the bollards are UV resistant and will not lose their anthracite colour over time.

- Oralite® reflective tape – each Metro and City bollard also comes equipped with two reflective strips on each unit, offering excellent visibility at all times. This high-quality reflective tape allows the bollard to mark street sides or car parks where they will light up if hit by vehicle headlights.

- Modern design – where some of our other Flexbrite™ bollards are bright by nature and may be better suited to industrial settings the Metro and City posts utilise a modern, ornamental style design that make it suitable for professional environments, public spaces and more. The City Bollard in particular comes with a ball top finish that would allow it to blend in with urban environments and modern street furniture.

- Unique installation tool – a key feature of the City and Metro bollards is that they are removable as well as flexible. Once the base has been installed the bollard can be quickly and easily put into position – the covering cap is then tightened into place using the unique Flexbrite™ Wrench. This not only provides an excellent, easy way to install the bollards it will also help to deter theft or removable of the bollards if the tool is not available.

Want to know about our new Flexbrite™ Flexible Bollard additions? Call us today on 020 3773 5397 for more information on the City and Metro Flexible Bollards or click the link below to see our full Flexible Bollards Range

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