Bike racks Made Easy - Pittman's Fast Guide to Choosing the Right Bike Rack

27th Mar 2020

Choosing the right bike rack can be a tough decision – depending on your needs or your area there could be any amount of reasons to choose one bike rack over another.
At Pittman we want to make the choice that much easier for you. Our easy to follow guide below outlines the advantages for each of our best-selling bike rack types and where and when best to use them.

  • Stores from 3-5 bikes at once
  • Made from zinc-plated steel – highly durable
  • Our cheapest multi-bike cycle rack
  • All heads are on same level

Key advantage: Fast Installation – with only 2 fixings points the Compact Bike Rack can be installed faster that most of our bike racks.
Popular with: schools, home use

  • Stores from 2- 6 bikes at once.
  • Modular design – install multiple units side by side
  • Flat-packed – assemble easily on site
  • Hot-dip galvanised steel – will not rust or corrode

Key advantage: Up-Down design – prevents handlebars from colliding, saves spaces and allows for every bike head to be used at once.Ho
Popular with: schools, business premises, office buildings

  • Stores up to 2 bikes per hoop
  • Hot-dip galvanised steel – will not rust or corrode
  • Space as desired – install as needed on site
  • Easy installation – 2no. steel plates per unit

Key advantage: Highly secure – because bikes are being locked via their frame rather than the wheel they are arguably more secure than other bike rack options
Popular with: schools, business premises, shopping centres, public spaces

  • Stores up to 10 bikes
  • Hot-dip galvanised steel – will not rust or corrode
  • High Security – lock bikes by frame for maximum security, just like the single Sheffield Cycle Stands

Key advantage: Fast install / high bike storage – the Sheffield Toast Racks allow for the highest bike storage in the fastest installation time. Because it’s essentially 5 Sheffield stands in one combined unit the outer rails can be bolted down quickly and easily, allowing instant bike storage for up to 10 bikes.
Popular with: schools, universities, public spaces, office buildings

Two-Tier Bike Rack
  • Stores from 4 up to infinite bikes
  • Highly durable Dutch design
  • Gas-assisted struts – easy to use mechanism
  • Ideal for indoor environments and large storage spaces

Key advantage: Saves space – the two-tier bike racks utilise space above the ground mounted racks which in turn helps to maximise total bike storage space where possible. By utilising this unused space you can almost double bike storage in most cases.
Popular with: large companies, universities, train stations
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