What Happens When You Don't Chock Your Wheels

13th May 2022

Leaving trucks unchocked, especially when managing heavy loads, may lead to damage, injury or runaway trucks….

Using Grass Mats to Reduce Green Space Slips and Falls

29th April 2022

EASI grass matting is a cost-effective and long-lasting means of reducing slips on grass. The mats provide instant stability for pedestrians while walking in the area. Even in the harsh Irish weather, they are perfectly suitable for long-term use outdoors. 

Benito Street Furniture To Create Sustainable Streetscapes

15th April 2022

As Britain slowly moves past the Covid-19 era, we gradually see business and the economy flourish once again. Many companies are now thriving in a significant recovery period for the British economy. Almost any business that once had to remain shut is now taking full advantage of post-Covid life and is relishing a brighter future for themselves and the economy.

While businesses have used the time to boost their interiors and adapt to pandemic regulations, improvements and upgrades are now being made to outdoor areas....

Using Rack Protection to Reduce Costly Warehouse Accidents

8th March 2022

Workplace injuries are unfortunately all too common across Great Britain. Where minor accidents can result in minor injuries or damage to stock, they can at times prove fatal. Protecting employees from harm should be at the forefront of any employer's mind, ensuring the best safety standards in their premises. High standards come down to proper planning and the correct equipment in place where required.

How Effective Are Speed Bumps at Slowing Vehicle Traffic?

6th December 2021

When it comes to slowing vehicles there is one known fact - speed is the main contributing factor in fatal accidents on UK roads. If cars are moving faster there is an increase in the risk of accidents occurring. At higher speeds, drivers will have less time to react to what is on the road in front of them. While driving at higher speeds...

The UK's Most Visible Speed Bump

26th October 2021

When it comes to road safety no stone should be left unturned. Every step should be taken in order to protect motorists and pedestrians alike. Having the proper traffic calming systems in place helps to reduce the risk of accidents on roads and in car parks.
Speed bumps can help to....

The City is yours – Pittman gain 2 new additions to the long-standing flexbrite™ flexible bollard range

27th Mar 2020

Our long-standing Flexbrite™ Flexible Bollard range gained 2 fantastic new additions this week – our Flexbrite City and Flexbrite Metro bollard join the superb flexible bollard ranks, complementing the already diverse Flexbrite™ range. The Flexbrite City Flexible Bollard and Flexbrite Metro Flexible Bollard offer an excellent alternative to our standard Flexbrite™ bollar …

Bike racks Made Easy - Pittman's Fast Guide to Choosing the Right Bike Rack

27th Mar 2020

Choosing the right bike rack can be a tough decision – depending on your needs or your area there could be any amount of reasons to choose one bike rack over another. At Pittman we want to make the choice that much easier for you. Our easy to follow guide below outlines the advantages for each of our best-selling bike rack types and where and when best to use them. Co …

What is a bike repair station and why are they the perfect companion to bike storage facilities?

27th Mar 2020

Bike repair stations are slowly becoming a much sought after product for the likes of bike storage facilities and, if you have seen how they operate and how they can help a business premises, school, college, garage etc. you will see first hand why every bike storage facility in the country should have one. Bike repair stations offer more than just a way for bike users …

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