Black Bull
Black Bull Pallet Racking End Frame Protector with Guide Rollers
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Absorb Impacts to Protect Warehouse Pallet Racking

  • 500(H) x 190(D) mm
  • Choose from 3 standard width ranges
  • Adjustable design - fit to pallet racking easily
  • Integral rollers - deflects impact away from the units
  • Strong steel design - suitable for heavy duty use
  • Easy instalaltion - bolt down on site fast
  • Powder coated yellow for increased visibility

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The Black Bull Pallet Racking End Frame Protection can reduce the risk of damage to exposed warehouse racking. While installed it will deflect or absorb impact away from the racking and prevent expensive repairs. The strong steel design can be used as a heavy duty means of warehouse protection, ideal for use with pallet trucks, forklifts and reach trucks.

The rack protection can be easily installed on site. Simply bolt the unit down via the bases and tigthen into position. The units can be adjusted to fit neatly to various pallet racking frames. The powder coated design helps nearby employees to see them in place and to reduce the risk of collisions.

Each unit is fitted with four guide rollers in total. These integral rollers help to absorb the impact should it occur and reduce the overall damage that is caused. The rollers divert the force and help to extend the life of the rack protection units.

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