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  • Low-profile Bike Rack


    Low-profile Bike Rack


    "Just thanking you for the bike rack, it arrived today! Had it installed in minutes!”  Mick, Athenry The Low Profile Bike Rack gives you a smart “up-down” design which allows you to store numerous bike racks without handle bars...

  • Sheffield Cycle Stand

    Sheffield Cycle Stand


    The Sheffield Bike Stand gives you maximum security for your bike. Instead of connecting the bike wheels to the frame you can connect the whole body, making sure thieves can’t disconnect the bike from the wheel and steal the frame. The steel is...

  • Velo-Up Regular Two-Tier Bike Rack


    Velo-Up Regular Two-Tier Bike Rack

    The Velo-Up Regular Two-Tier Bike Rack provides an excellent means of bike storage for large areas - two-tier bike racks continue to be popular with the likes of schools, colleges, office buildings, apartment buildings and more. Each of our two tier bike...

  • Semi Vertical Bike Rack

    Semi Vertical Bike Rack


    The Semi Vertical Bike Rack is an interesting solution for those who want to park bicycles comfortably in a small area. The Semi Vertical Bike Rack solves parking place problems at cycle day-trip destinations, in businesses, city centres, and in the...

  • Economy Bicycle Rack

    Economy Bicycle Rack


    The Economy Bicycle Rack provides instant bike storage for public spaces. Store up to 5 bikes at once while in use. The rack is made from tough galvanised steel for protection against rusting while being used outdoors.  Each economy rack comes fully...

  • Infinite Modular Cycle Rack


    Infinite Modular Cycle Rack


    The Infinite Modular Bicycle Rack allows for economic and highly durable bike storage. The racks are made from highly durable galvanised steel, resistant to rusting and corrosion when used outdoors. The bikes come in a 3-head of 5-head design. The easy...

  • High-Low Bicycle Rack


    High-Low Bicycle Rack


    The High-Low Bicycle Rack can provide storage for up to 6 bikes at once. The tough steel design provides long term bike storage for a public or private space. Each bike rack is made to hold the maximum amount of bikes at any given time.  The...

  • Optimum Bike Rack


    Optimum Bike Rack


    The Optimum Bike Rack can provide instant bike storage for up to 6 bikes at once. The rack can be easily installed directly into concrete for instant use on site.  The up-down design of the bike heads allows for optimal storage of bikes. This design...

  • Mercure Bike Rack


    Mercure Bike Rack


    The Mercure Bike Rack allows for optimal bike storage in public spaces. The high qualitiy design provides sturdy, efficient storage of bikes where you need it. Choose from 3 or 6 bike spaces as well as single and double sided.  The bike rack can...

  • Stainless Steel Sheffield Cycle Stand

    Stainless Steel Sheffield Cycle Stand


    The Stainless Steel Sheffield Cycle Stand is a perfect addition to many kinds of areas - made from tough stainless steel each cycle stand can store up to 2 bikes at a time and provides a highly attractive and professional finish, making them suitable for...

  • Sheffield Style Toast Rack Bike Stand

    Sheffield Style Toast Rack Bike Stand (5-10 bikes)


    The Sheffield Style Toast stand has the same dimensions & specification as the individual Sheffield bike stands but are supplied in modules for easy joining together on site to create a toast-stand effect as you can see in the picture, with a steel...

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