Bike Storage

Bike Storage can be used to effectively store bicycles when they are not in use. Bike storage can protect bicycles from harsh weather and reduce the risk of damage and wear. Fully enclosed bike areas can also protect against the risk of theft.

As bicycle use increases in urban areas, there will be an increasing demand for effective bike storage. Effective bike storage can provide many benefits for areas with large volumes of bicycle traffic. Use bike storage in schools, business premises, shopping centres and more.

Bike storage can help to -

  • Protect bikes from rain and harsh weather
  • Reduce the risk of bike theft
  • Organise large volumes of stored bikes

bike storage

Bike Storage can be defined into a few different areas. It includes -

  • Bike Racks
  • Bike Stands
  • Bike Shelters

Bike Racks allow single or multiple bikes to be stored at once. The storage reduces the risk of bike theft while the bike is locked in place.

Bike Stands come in the form of an upright bar(s) to allow the bike to be locked in place. The stands allow the bike owner to lock the bike in place via the frame. This provides higher security than locking it in place via the wheel.

Bike Shelters provide cover to bicycles when being stored outdoors. The shelters help to keep the bike owners covered while locking or unlocking their bikes.

outdoor bike storage

The Low-Profile Bike Rack provides bike storage for up to 6 bikes at once. Each set comes flat-packed for easy self-assembly on site. The up-down design of the storage racks reduce handlebars colliding - this allows all the racks to be used at once.

For large scale bike storage consider the Semi Vertical Bike Rack. These racks can hold multiple bikes at once. By inverting the bikes into the air you can maximise bike storage space in enclosed spaces.

Use the Voute Bike Shelter to cover bicycles while they are being stored. The Voute uses aluminium crossbeams and gutters to form a solid foundation. The polycarbonate roof helps to keep rain off bike owners and protect the bikes from harsh weather.

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