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  • Sheffield Cycle Stand

    Sheffield Cycle Stand


    The Sheffield Bike Stand gives you maximum security for your bike. Instead of connecting the bike wheels to the frame you can connect the whole body, making sure thieves can’t disconnect the bike from the wheel and steal the frame. The steel is...

  • Lisbon Bicycle Stand


    Lisbon Bicycle Stand


    The Lisbon Bicycle Stand provides a contemporary bike storage option for public spaces. This highly attractive design makes it perfect for public spaces. Each stand can allow storage for up to 2 bikes at once.  Each bike stand is made from tough...

  • Mercure Bike Rack


    Mercure Bike Rack


    The Mercure Bike Rack allows for optimal bike storage in public spaces. The high qualitiy design provides sturdy, efficient storage of bikes where you need it. Choose from 3 or 6 bike spaces as well as single and double sided.  The bike rack can...

  • City Top


    Province Bicycle Rack


    The Province Bicycle Rack can be installed with great ease on site. The highly modern design makes it perfect for outdoor public spaces. The bicycle rack is suited to many area types and will provide storage from 3 to 12 bikes. Choose from single sided...

  • Stainless Steel Sheffield Cycle Stand

    Stainless Steel Sheffield Cycle Stand


    The Stainless Steel Sheffield Cycle Stand is a perfect addition to many kinds of areas - made from tough stainless steel each cycle stand can store up to 2 bikes at a time and provides a highly attractive and professional finish, making them suitable for...

  • Steel Support Bicycle Stand

    Steel Support Bicycle Stand


    The Steel Support Bike Stand is a highly durable and very effective piece of engineering that provides a public or private premises with an excellent bike storage option, with each one having room for a bike to be stored on each side of the bike stand...

  • Trombone Bicycle Stand 50mm


    Trombone Bicycle Stand 50mm


    The Trombone Bicycle Stand 50mm provides excellent bike security for public spaces. The hoop design allows for 2 bikes to lock to it at any time. Choose from surface mount for bolting direclty into the surface or sub-surace for submerging in fresh...

  • Province Bicycle Stand


    Province Bicycle Stand


    The Province Bicycle Stand provides a highly attractive bike parking option for public spaces. The contemporary design allows it to fit with most modern environments. The unique design provides storage for up to 2 bikes per unit.  Each bike stand is...

  • City Tour Bicycle Stand


    City Tour Bicycle Stand


    The City Tour Bicycle Stand provides a smart, neat finish for the outside of many kinds of premises, providing excellent long-lasting bike storage options for schools, hospitals, business premises and many other kinds of environments. Each bicycle stand...

  • City Giro Bike Stand


    City Giro Bike Stand


    The City Giro Bicycle Stand can be installed quickly and easily into the area you need bike storage most, providing adequate bike storage for up to 2 bikes per unit installed.  Each bike stand is made from hot-dip galvanised steel and is perfect for...

  • Arched Armadillo Bicycle Stand Stainless Steel

    Arched Armadillo Bicycle Stand Stainless Steel


    The Arched Armadillo Bicycle Stand gives you a modern and stylish look while keeping bicycles safe. The bicycle rack lets you connect the body of the bike to the stand rather than the wheels. The Stainless Steel is Marine Grade 316.Dimensions:Height...

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