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A Bike Hanger allows bicycles to be hung directly from walls. Hanging bikes in this fashion saves much needed ground space. By using cycle hangers you can store more bikes in a lot of cases. They are just as secure as regular ground mounted bike storage options - lock the wheel into place for an instant theft deterrent.
Why should I use a Bike Hanger?
Bike Hangers allow bicycles to be stored vertically. This helps to save space on the ground where needed. It also reduces trip hazards and the risk of injury.
Bike Hangers like the Heavy Duty Wall Mounted Bike Hanger provide a quick and easy means of hanging bikes at once. This bike rack can hang up multiple bikes, ranging from 2 to 8 bike models. Each frame is made from hot-dip galvanised steel, which is sure to last in the toughest of environmentsI. It also has excellent resistance against rusting and corroding in the harshest of conditions.
The bike hooks are covered in a rubber material to prevent scratching to the bike when putting it up on the hanger. To lock the bike in place simply lift the bike up near the hanger, slide the bike onto the hook via the spokes and lock it in place.

What other bike wall hangers do Pittman sell?
If you are interested in some of our other models you can also try the Vertical Wall Mounted Bike Hanger. This wall mounted bike rack allows for storage of up to 4 bikes and can be folded up towards the wall to save space when not in use.
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