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Bike racks provide a highly effective means for bike storage. Use bike racks to lock bikes securely in place and deter theft. They allow bikes to be locked by their wheel and leave securely in place. Install bike racks at home, at business premises, shopping centres, schools and more. 
What are bike racks used for?
Bike racks are used to store bikes and deter bike theft. Bike racks typically allow the bikes to be stored in place via their wheel. Once in place the bikes can be locked into position using a bike lock.
Do bike racks stop bike theft?
Bike racks deter bike theft when bikes are locked in place. Once bikes are secured it becomes much more difficult for bike thieves to operate. Bike racks are common in large scale bike storage areas such as schools, business premises and more.
Different types of bike racks?

  • Bike Racks - ground mounted options for storing multiple bikes
  • Bike Hangers - hang bikes to save ground space
  • Bike Stands - ground mounted stands for locking bikes via their frame
  • Two Tier Bike Racks - two storey bike racks for large bike storage facilities - saves bike parking space
  • Semi Vertical Bike Racks - upright bike racks that can be stored against a wall

Benefits of bike racks?

  • Deters bike theft
  • Easier bike storage
  • Encourages bike use 

How to install bike racks?

  • Measure your area
  • Mark spaces for bicycle racks - leave enough room in between separate units
  • Mark holes for pre-drilling
  • Drill pilot holes for each fixing required
  • Remove bike rack and insert any rawlplugs required
  • Re-insert bike rack and tighten fixings into place

Which bike racks are best?

Bike Stand
Wall Bike Rack
Bike Hanger
Cycle Rack
Bicycle Stand
Vertical Bike Rack
Two Tier Bike Rack
Semi Vertical Bike Rack
Sheffield Bike Rack
Bike Toast Rack
Bicycle Storage

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