Temporary Fence Panels

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Temporary fence panels are steel barriers used to surround open groundworks to deter pedestrian entry. The fencing panels are installed around the perimeter of a site to prevent pedestrians from entering. Each fence panel can be connected with more units to cover large distances on sites.

Temporary fence panels may also be known as Heras Fencing and Temporary Fencing. Install on site using the required blocks. The fence panels are usually made quite high so that pedestrians cannot easily climb over them while they are in use.

Temporary fencing is ideal for use at sites, temporary groundworks, excavations and more. Their tall design will help to deter pedestrians at all times. They are also suitable for use at concerts and events where they provide an excellent queuing system.

For a lightweight option, plastic panels may also be used. The Black Bull Browd Barrier comes with integral joiners to lock several barriers into place with each other. Cover large distances fast and store away easily when projects are finished.

Steel fence panels can provide long-lasting use for site works and groundworks. Steel designs provide a robust solution to fencing and can be used over and over again. When not required they can be taken apart and stored on a pallet easily.

temporary fence panels

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