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A swing gate is a steel barrier that swings upwards or outwards. They are used to deny unwanted access onto a premises. They can be opened or shut when required. They are ideal for using on premises to deny access at entrances or exits to a car park.

Use a Swing Gate to deny access to pedestrians and vehicles. Installing a swing gate is an excellent way to protect assets and to control entry to a premises. Use barrier swing gates at entry or exit points in a car park, premises and more. 

Why use a swing gate?
Use a swing gate to provide better safety and safety and security for a premises. Use during normal hours or after hours where there may be no security guards available. Swing gates are a highly durable option for preventing unautgorised access.

One of the most popular options is the Compact Swing Barrier Gate. This gate can be concreted into the ground and provides an excellent means for deterrring entry. Each barrier gate is made from hot-dip galvanised steel and is protected against rusting. 

How to lock a swing gate?
Most swing gates will use an integral lock or padlock to lock into position. Locking into place prevents unwanted access, especially after hours.

swing gate

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