A stanchion is a post or bollard that is equipped with belts to deny access into an area. They are also used to create queue systems in premises and to guide pedestrians where needed. Stanchions are highly visible posts and will be very noticeable while in use. The stanchion's belt may include custom lettering or messages. They can also include custom branding to create excellent first impressions for businesses.

Stanchions are usually fitted with weighted bases to allow them to free-stand indoors or outdoors. The stanchion belts can join together with other units in order to cover larger spaces. When not in use the posts can be stored away with ease.

Stanchions also come in many designs and styles. Choose colours and finishes that best suit your area. A stanchion can provide a professional finish to many environments, including shopfronts, business premises, schools, theatres, museums, shopping centres and more.


Multiple stanchions can be placed together in order to create wider barrier systems. The posts or belts can be printed with custom branding. Companies often use custom stanchions as a branding tool with customers. Having the brand visible to the customers like this is an excellent way for them to remember the name of your company.

For the best quality stanchions ensure they are made from steel. Where plastic stanchions will break easily, steel stanchions provide long-lasting use for businesses.

stanchion posts

The Queuemaster Belt Post is equipped with a 3.4 metre belt and provides excellent queue systems. The posts are equipped with joining units at the top and the belts can be inserted onto the posts with ease. The belts can be equipped with messaging or in custom colours for full effect. Choose from stainless steel or matte black designs for a professional finish.

The Weathermaster Belt Barrier is an excellent stanchion option for outdoor use. The brightly coloured posts will be well seen in bad conditions. The solid rubber base provides a robust design and can survive being run over by a car. The integral carry handle allows for easy transport to and from the site.

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