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  • Traffic-Line Traffic Cone


    Traffic-Line Traffic Cone


    The Traffic-Line Traffic Cones can be deployed to site quickly and easily and provide an excellent, cost-effective means of blocking off entrance and deterring entry to an area, providing a lane for cars and many more functions.   When not in...

  • JSP Microlite Cone Mounted Lamp


    JSP Microlite Cone Mounted Lamp


    Pittman have tested the Ever-ready battery and found it to last approximately 10 - 14 days in Winter. The sensor triggers the light to come on well before dusk and after dawn. Conforms to EN12352 and BS3143 Part 2. Order the Eveready 4R25 battery for...

  • Retractable Cone Bar

    Retractable Cone Bar


    The Retractable Cone Bar can be deployed to site quickly and easily and allows you to close off an area and deter entry using standard traffic cones. Each cone bar can be slipped over the top of the cone with ease and a 7 foot x 7 foot area can be...

  • Europa Training Cones


    Europa Training Cones


    Made from recycled materials these soft, flexible Training Cones reduce risk of damage to vehicles.100% weatherproofRemain flexible even when temperatures are extremely lowUV light resistantHighly stable square baseHeight: 350 mm and 510 mmColour:...

  • Heavy Duty Traffic Cone


    Heavy Duty Traffic Cone


    The Heavy Duty Traffic Cones are suitable for use in many kinds of areas and situations and are available in numerous different sizes.  These very durable cones are suitable for using outdoors when trying to deter pedestrians or motorists from...

  • Chain Eye Cone

    Chain Eye Cone


    The Chain Eye Cone provides a highly visible warning effect. Allows for chains to be attached to separate areas in schools, car parks and residential areas. The flexible PVC material with reflective strips is highly durable & UV protected...

  • Collapsible Traffic Cone

    Collapsible Traffic Cone


    The Collapsible Cone is ideal for many kinds of peopel in many kinds of situations. The collapsible can collapse into its base so you can easily store the post when not in use. They are excellent for private use when a car breaks down to warn other road...

  • No Parking Traffic Cone (Irish Road Traffic Act)

    No Parking Traffic Cone (Irish Road Traffic Act)


    No Parking Traffic Cones allow you to easily close off and areas where cars and other automobiles shouldn’t be parking. The highly visible yellow cone ensures motorists will see the cone in bad light. The Irish Road Traffic Act sticker which is...

  • Skipper Rechargable Safety Light


    Skipper Rechargable Safety Light


    The Skipper Rechargable Safety Light can be instantly combined with Skipper Belt units. The light can be attached to the belt tops to isntant provide illumination on site. The lights are ideal for using at indoor or outdoor systems.  Each light can...

  • Skipper A4 Sign Holder


    Skipper A4 Sign Holder


    The Skipper A4 Sign Holder can instantly display messages using the Skipper Retactable Tape Barriers. Each unit can easily sit on top of the units to display important messages, guides, directions and more.  The sign holder can display almost any...

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