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  • GHP Manual Access Barrier

    GHP Manual Access Barrier


    The GHP Manual Access Barrier is just one of many great traffic access barriers available here at Pittman Traffic and Safety Equipment.  With a solid steel finish and robust frame this access barrier is perfect for all kinds of outdoor environments,...

  • JSP Titan® Expanding Barrier


    JSP Titan® Expanding Barrier

    The JSP Titan® Expanding Barrier is a perfect tool for closing off areas from pedestrian activity, ideal for the likes of schools, cinemas, railways stations, ports, airports, forecourts and more. Each barrier is made from high quality plastic and...

  • Serviguard Pedestrian Barrier

    Serviguard Pedestrian Barrier


    The Serviguard Pedestrian Barrier provides a quick and easy means to deter entry to an area, providing a clear warning message for those in the area. Each pedestrian barrier has been made with tough HDPE and provides excellent notice to pedestrians when...

  • Black Bull Steel Crowd Barriers


    Black Bull Steel Crowd Barriers


    The Black Bull Steel Crowd Barriers can be deployed to site quickly and easily and provide excellent protection for pedstrians and employees alike, ideal for use in events management when it comes to concerts, festivals etc. or with maintenance crews who...

  • JSP Roadbloc® Safety Barrier Water Filled


    JSP Roadbloc® Safety Barrier Water Filled

    Stocked in white and red - also available in blue to order. Extensively trialed to ensure ultimate durability and practicality. Just eight units are needed to create a mini roundabout. Units can connect at up to 45 degree angle. Can be tilted at an...

  • WallPro Belt Barrier

    Queue Solutions

    WallPro Belt Barrier


    The WallPro Belt Barrier is a perfect addition to many kinds of environments and provides an excellent means of deterring entry into warehouses, walkways, corridors or areas that may be under maintenance or being cleaned. The WallPro Belt Barrier can be...

  • WallMaster Belt Barrier

    Queue Solutions

    WallMaster Belt Barrier


    The WallMaster Belt Barrier provides an excellent means of deterring entry into many different environments. The highly professional, robust belt barrier comes in a variety of options for mounting the unit as well as numerous methods for closing off...

  • Armorgard Barricade Expandable Steel Barrier


    Armorgard Barricade Expandable Steel Barrier


    The Barricade Expandable Steel Barrier provides an quick and excellent means of demarcating ouf of bounds type areas or deterring entry into an area, especially when it comes to pedestrians. These robust expandable barriers are ideal for using in many...

  • Aluminium Pedestrian Walkway System

    Aluminium Pedestrian Walkway System


    The Aluminium Pedestrian Walkway System provides an excellent means of covering trenches, rough ground, ditches and open terrain that may be dangerous for pedestrians to traverse over. Utilising the Pedestrian Walkway System on site allows for...

  • Skipper Wall Receiver Clip


    Skipper Wall Receiver Clip


    The Skipper Wall Receiver Clip allows Skipper belts to be attached to walls and other static units. The clip can be installed onto site quickly and easily. Choose from a standard wall clip or magnetic clip.  Each clip is made from tough plastic. Use...

  • Skipper Rechargable Safety Light


    Skipper Rechargable Safety Light


    The Skipper Rechargable Safety Light can be instantly combined with Skipper Belt units. The light can be attached to the belt tops to isntant provide illumination on site. The lights are ideal for using at indoor or outdoor systems.  Each light can...

  • Black Bull Pedestrian Safety Barrier


    Black Bull Pedestrian Safety Barrier


    The Black Bull Pedestrian Safety Barrier can be installed into any work area quickly and easily, deterring entry into work areas or places where maintenance may be taking place.  These highly durable safety barriers can be folded and unfolded...

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