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Road Barriers are used to separate vehicle traffic on public roads. Separating traffic can help to reduce traffic accidents and delineate effectively. Road barriers are often installed on public roads to highlight hazards or groundworks.

Install road barriers directly onto the required areas for an instant means of traffic delineation. Temporary road barriers can be used to highlight roadworks while permanent options will separate vehicle traffic over a long term period.

A barrier is usually made from steel or plastic. Steel barriers offer a robust, long-lasting design for excellent repeated use. Plastic barriers are also highly durable but remain lightweight and easy to carry to and from site.

road barriers

The Safegate Manhole Barrier can prevent pedestrians from entering onto open groundwork. The 4-sided road barrier can surround a hazard and will give clear indication to pedestrians about the hazard in place. The reflective markings are chapter 8 compliant and can be used on public roads. Join extra panels onto the ends to cover larger distances.

For long roadsides use the JSP Roadbloc Safety Barrier Water-Filled. Each barrier can connect with more units end on end to infinitely expand the protection. Fill the barriers with water to prevent them from moving too far out of place.

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