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A queuing system can help to organise pedestrians instantly. High quality queueing systems can provide neater queues in business premises and storefronts. They are also ideal for use as ways of separating pedestrians during the Covid-19 pandemic. They are a fast way of organising queues or blocking access to certain areas.

The queue barrier is easy to use and can extend in 3 directions, giving you more coverage options. Once set up, it is an easy way to close and open areas, or organize queues if need be. The lightweight construction ensures that you can transport the barrier, wherever it is required. The 3-4 metre reach means you can use it in confined areas and large areas. Constructed from hardwearing ABS plastic, the barrier is very durable and long-lasting.

The retractable belt barriers have high visibility quality that immediately informs people about the inaccessibility of the area, they are trying to enter. Next on the list includes the Boss Queue Belt Barrier Post is a cheap but durable post designed to quickly to mark people to queue in.

The pedestrian barrier is simple to use, with 1.5 metres belt easily attached to the corresponding post. This allows you to organise the queues in a matter of seconds. The three connection point on each belt lets you easily decide how you want to organise queue and lets you change the layout in seconds.

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