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What are queue barriers used for?
Queue barriers can be used in many different areas and environments to create orderly queuing systems as well as keeping customers or employees in designated areas when required. Queue barriers come in many different forms or models and can instantly transform an area into a safe, well managed environment that can help you to keep neat queue systems in a bank, deter entry into a warehouse area or keep pedestrians away from an area where maintenance or cleaning is taking place to just name a few.

With queue barriers there are many options available, including wall mounted retractable belt barriers, free standing belt queue barriers or queue barriers that can be mounted to warehouse racking and many more.

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A popular option in terms of the free-standing queue barriers is the QueueMaster Belt Post. This queue barriers comes in 3 different post designs including matte black, satin stainless steel or polished stainless steel that are perfect for professional environments including banks, credit unions, theatres, schools and many more. It’s also interesting to note that these queue barriers are customisable in that you can purchase various different belt types when ordering your queue barriers, making them suitable for various applications. For example you could have an Out of Service belt for building escalators or elevators, a Do Not Enter queue barrier for maintenance crews who are carrying out work or even Authorised Access Only belts to warn people away from entering into a warehouse or similar area.

How do wall mounted queue barriers work?
Where free standing belt barrier systems utilise a post to join belts from one queue barrier to the next, wall mounted barriers rid the need of this barrier and are popular in showrooms, schools, hospitals, warehouses and many more. The WallPro Belt Barrier is a fine example in that this belt can be purchased in with a standard receiver, magnetic or s-clip that can help you utilise the space you have. For example, the magnetic end would be ideal for warehouse doorway and pallet racking where you can close off areas to employees or passers by and helping to maintain excellent safety standards.

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