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  • Handy Chain 10M Bag


    Handy Chain 10M Bag


    Cheap but quality Plastic Chain for indoor use to block access with little trouble. This chain link fencing gives you a excellent way to block off areas at a economic price. This cheap chain gives you a clear indicator to avoid entering the area. The 10...

  • Plastic Chain 50M Roll

    Plastic Chain 50M Roll


    Plastic Chain (50 Metres) can be ideal for light work areas. Suitable when planning to seperate, protect or completely cordon off an area. The chain is both highly visible and long lasting. Each roll of chain comes with 50 metres and can be...

  • M-Deko Nylon Plastic Chain (50 Metre)


    M-Deko Nylon Plastic Chain (50 Metre)


    M-DEKO Nylon Plastic Chains are the ideal lightweight solution for use in less stressful situations. Suitable for outdoor use. Made from high quality lightweight nylon Link gauge: 6 mm Colours: red/white or yellow/black Tensile strength:...

  • Galvanised Steel Chain

    Galvanised Steel Chain


    Galvanised Steel Chain is strong and durable. They come with a corrosion resistant finish so they can be used outdoors and remain rust-free. They are highly resistant to tension, and are an extremely cheap chain for the quality you receive. They will...

  • Plastic Chain - M-Poly 8mm (25 Metres)


    Plastic Chain - M-Poly 8mm (25 Metres)


    M-POLY Plastic Chain is ideal for light work areas, and is better suited for indoor use. The cheap chain is excellent at closing off areas and separating queues. This version is 8mm in diameter and comes in 25 metre lengths.  Each set of chain can...

  • Stainless Steel Chain

    Stainless Steel Chain


    Tough Stainless Steel Chain for heavy duty environments. 3 different widths are available to suit your needs. The stainless steel makes sure the chain last for an extra-long time without corrosion. The toughened steel links are much stronger than our...

  • Tough Chain MNK


    Tough Chain MNK


    The MNK Nylon Chain offer an effective and highly visible way to link posts together and cordon off restricted areas.Made from high quality ultra-violet and weather-resistant nylonHighly stress-resistant with long service lifeLinks are non-conductive to...

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