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An expandable barrier is used to deter entry over a larger area. The wide nature of the barrier allows it to cover bigger distances. Expandable barriers are much more effective and require less units than other types of barriers.
Extending barriers come in various formats. Choose from expanding barriers with wheels, plastic folding barriers, expandable gates and more.

Where standard barriers can close off an area they may be limited in terms of mobility. Expandable barriers are perfect in these instances. Because they are highly mobile they can be moved where needed in an instant.
What’s more, expandable barriers can be extended out to cover a wider area from left to right, making them suitable for construction work, maintenance, school corridors, airports and many more. 

Use an expandable barrier by simply pulling out into place where needed. As the barriers expand they can be used across open doorways or dangerous areas. Join multiple expanding barriers together to cover larger distances.
The Terminal Expandable Barrier comes with integral castors that allows it to move around easily. It can extend up to 3.4 metres and can join with other Terminal barriers. This extendable barrier is ideal for indoor use and is popular with airports, schools, supermarkets and more.

Choose the Armorgard Barricade Expandable Steel Barrier for a heavy duty barrier option. The full steel design makes it perfect for using outdoors. It can cover up to 4 metres when fully expanded. The wide steel feet increase the stability on the ground and help to anchor.
The biggest distance can be covered by the FlexPro 160 Expandable Barrier. This extending barrier can reach up to 4.8 metres when fully opened. Even with a large frame the FlexPro can be folded for easy transport. The highly durable steel and aluminium cross members provide high durability.
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