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  • Ultra Portable Barrier


    Ultra Portable Barrier


      The Ultra Expandable Barrier is ideal for outdoor use, as the end columns can be filled with water to keep it upright in strong winds. It stretches out to 2.2 metres, and when it’s folded it is only 14.5cm wide. The great thing about...

  • GHP Portable Barrier


    GHP Portable Barrier


    The GHP Expandable Barrier Gate can be installed on site fast. The highly visible barrier can be used to close off areas to pedestrians. The highly noticeable caution symbols on each panel bring their attention to pedestrians.  Each barrier is made...

  • Terminal Expandable Barrier


    Terminal Expandable Barrier


      The Terminal Barrier is an excellent expandable barrier which is ideal for blocking of areas quickly and easily. It’s great for areas with lots of pedestrian traffic, such as airports, theatres and sports venues. It’s lightweight...

  • Armorgard Instagate Site Gate


    Armorgard Instagate Site Gate


    The Turtle Site Gate is a highly durable, highly effective expandable barrier that can be deployed to site withing seconds. Each barriers is made from highly durable alumimium that is hard-wearing yet very lightweight when you need to deploy in a hurry...

  • JSP Titan® Expanding Barrier


    JSP Titan® Expanding Barrier

    The JSP Titan® Expanding Barrier is a perfect tool for closing off areas from pedestrian activity, ideal for the likes of schools, cinemas, railways stations, ports, airports, forecourts and more. Each barrier is made from high quality plastic and...

  • FlexPro 160 Expandable Barrier

    Queue Solutions

    FlexPro 160 Expandable Barrier


    The FlexPro Expandable Barrier can be inserted onto site with great ease and provides an insant method of deterring entry to an area where and when needed most. Each barrier is made from high quality steel with a robust frame for heavier duty use. The...

  • FlexPro 110 Expandable Barrier

    Queue Solutions

    FlexPro 110 Expandable Barrier


    The FlexPro 110 Expandable Barrier allows you to close off an area in mere seconds - the highly durable and highly effective barrier can be used to separate pedestrians or close off a dangerous area to customer, visitors or employees. Each expanding...

  • Armorgard Barricade Expandable Steel Barrier


    Armorgard Barricade Expandable Steel Barrier


    The Barricade Expandable Steel Barrier provides an quick and excellent means of demarcating ouf of bounds type areas or deterring entry into an area, especially when it comes to pedestrians. These robust expandable barriers are ideal for using in many...

  • Skipper Wall Receiver Clip


    Skipper Wall Receiver Clip


    The Skipper Wall Receiver Clip allows Skipper belts to be attached to walls and other static units. The clip can be installed onto site quickly and easily. Choose from a standard wall clip or magnetic clip.  Each clip is made from tough plastic. Use...

  • Skipper Wall Support Bracket


    Skipper Wall Support Bracket


    The Skipper Wall Support Bracket allows you to easily combine Skipper units with flat surfaces. The brackets can be mounted to walls or metal surfaces to use the barrier tape on areas where the posts are not required.  Each bracket can be mounted...

  • Skipper A4 Sign Holder


    Skipper A4 Sign Holder


    The Skipper A4 Sign Holder can instantly display messages using the Skipper Retactable Tape Barriers. Each unit can easily sit on top of the units to display important messages, guides, directions and more.  The sign holder can display almost any...

  • GHP Expandable Mesh Barrier

    GHP Expandable Mesh Barrier


    The GHP Expandable Mesh Barrier provides an excellent portable barrier option for outdoor use. Each unit comes with 50 metres of integral plastic mesh to unwind and pull out as you need. Cover large areas fast and provide a means of deterring unwanted...

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