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Reduce Risk of Impact to EV Charger Points - FAST Delivery from our Wide Range

EV Charger Protection can help with reducing expensive repair and replacement costs. As EV charge points become more available across the UK they will require protection to reduce impact damage. Choose from the excellent range and protect public and private EV charging facilities.
EV charger protection can be installed to reduce impact damage from vehicles. The range of EV bollards and barriers can be installed alongside the chargers to protect them from impact. In terms of EV charger protection there are a number of items that can assist you including

  • Steel Bollards
  • Flexible Bollards
  • Protection Guards
  • Wheel Stops
  • Outdoor marking paint

If impact occurs it can be very expensive to repair or even replace charging units. It may also be costly for drivers to repair their vehicles if an impact occurs. Having barriers and bollards in place provides a visual aid for drivers and alerts them to the presence of the unit. A product like the Black Bull Heavy Duty Bollard can be installed quickly and offers excellent protection to machinery.
For marking out EV parking spaces combine our EV Charging Point Stencil and our Proline Outdoor Floor Paint. Let electric vehicle owners know that there are dedicated spaces for charging their vehicles.
Using the Park Aid Rubber Wheel Stop helps to bring vehicles to a halt within a parking space. Installing the wheel stops helps to reduce the risk of impact and gives a physical and visual aid for parking spaces.

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