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Crowd control barriers are ideal for many environments and situations and can be deployed in an instant. Crowd Control Barriers cover a variety of workplace solutions including portable barriers, chain post sets, retractable belt barriers (airport style queuing barriers), steel crowd control barriers and expanding portable barriers. These barriers can help in a variety of ways by maintaining excellent health and safety standards. 
What kind of Crowd Control Barriers can I purchase from Pittman?
One of our most popular crowd barrier options is the 2.3m Eco Crowd Control Barriers - this highly durable steel pedestrian barriers are perfect for the likes of events where they can help to keep crowds behind a particular area. Each barrier can be hooked onto another unit with great ease, alllowing you to install the barriers fast.
Often used for the Utilities and Maintenance sectors are our range of portable barriers which boost safety for pedestrians around utility cuts, lift shafts, wet floors and areas being cleaned. Personnel need lightweight yet strong and high visibility barriers which can be quickly deployed and then folded up for ease of carrying when the job is done: have a look at our Mega Max Chain Post set which cordons off up to 25M with ultra high-vis reflective posts. These posts offer an excellent crowd control barrier feature and can be installed in seconds.
We also specialise in a chain lengths, in both plastic and steel. Plastic chain is of course lightweight and comes in various colours including red/white, white and black/yellow. Steel chain is heavier and stronger and more suited to public street areas. We have a selection of chain links also which allow you to securely attach the chain to bollards, eyelets and machinery. For more temporary use consider using our plastic barrier tape which is commonly used in conjunction with cones, timber stakes and in other ad-hoc situations.
Other popular options are our Ultra Expandable Crowd Barrier and the Terminal Expandable Barrier both ideal for any maintenance crew and can be tidily and securely folded down for transport to the next job.

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