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Pittman Crowd Barriers are ideal for many different areas and provide our customers with exceptional ways to promote orderly queueing systems, safe pedestrian walkways or close off areas where maintenance or facilities workers may be carrying out work. What’s more, at Pittman we have a vast range of crowd barriers for events that will allow you to control crowds at large events and gatherings where safety of concert goers or festival attendees is paramount.

What are crowd barriers?
Crowd barriers are exactly what they sound like – they are barriers used to control or organise crowds where needed. There are many variants and models of crowd barriers – they can be made from steel or plastic and each type may be better suited to a particular area or event type. For instance, the Black Bull Steel Crowd Barriers are ideal for organising outdoor events such as parades, festivals, concerts and many more. These tough steel barriers provide an excellent service while they are installed and are highly durable and are effective at all times. The best part about these steel crowd barriers is that they can hook together end on end to provide stable crowd control over longer distances. Also, the feet on these steel crowd barriers make them ideal for many outdoor, or indeed indoor, surfaces where queue systems need to be in place.

For closing off areas quickly between different points our Multi Max Chain Posts can be deployed to site easily - eac set comes with 6 posts, 6 bases and 15 metres of chain. The chain allows for more freedom when choosing where to block access and can be stored easily when not in use. For a larger, more durable chain post our MegaMax Chain Post Set is the product of choice. Equipped with larger bollards, fillable bases and 25 metres of chain these chain posts can cover a larger area, suitable for many kinds of outdoor environments.

What kind of plastic crowd barriers do Pittman supply?
The Black Bull Crowd Barrier is essentially a plastic version of the barriers mentioned previously. Grey in colour to blend in with other barriers these items can again be hooked together end on end for events and are suitable for concerts, festivals or even for maintenance workers where there are works taking place on site. The best thing about these plastic crowd barriers is that they are much lighter than steel barriers and can be picked up and moved or stored if required. What’s more the twistable feet will allow the barriers to be stacked flat on top of each other easily, perfect for deploying to site quickly or removing and storing when not needed.

The Ultra Expanding Barrier is perfect for the likes of works and maintenance crews, with quick install directly to site and tha ability to easily store in the back of vans and trucks. Use the Ultra Expandable Barrier to deter pedestrians from entering into an area, suitable for doorways, dangerous sites and more

For blocking off cars or denying entry to vehicles try our GHP Manual Access Barrier - this high quality boom barrier can be delivered quickly from stock and will help you get more control of vehicle entry in your area.
PITTMAN have the complete solution for barriers. Choose from our complete range including:

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