Chapter 8 Barriers

chapter 8 barriers

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Need barriers for an upcoming roads project? See our full range of chapter 8 compliant barriers, bollards and more. Fast delivery on large stocks. BSEN 12899-1 and BSEN 8442 compliant - wide range available.

Chapter 8 Barriers and the Traffic Signs Manual

Chapter 8 refers to the relevant section of the New Roads and Street Works Act. This particular chapter highlights how signs, barriers, posts and more need to conform to a set of rules and regulations. If the barriers, conform to the regulations they can be used in public roadworks and installations.

The term "Chapter 8 Barriers" comes from  Chapter 8 of the Traffic Signs Manual and the New Roads & Street Works Act they must conform to. These regulations state that temporary road setups, like barriers, will conform when they meet specific safety, reflectivity and design standards.

What are Chapter 8 barriers?

Chapter 8 barriers comply with Chapter 8 of the Traffic Signs Manual and the New Roads & Street Works Act. Each chapter 8 barrier comes with reflective red and white markings according to the specified guidelines. Chapter 8 barriers are intended to maintain public safety during roadworks and to limit liability in case of accidents. They are typically used on construction sites to deter entry by pedestrians or motorists.

chapter 8 barrier

Chapter 8 barriers are typically used in open groundworks in public spaces. They aim to reduce the risk to pedestrians and motorists while also protecting site employees. Portable barriers are ideal for temporary roadworks as they can be moved to and from works with ease. They can also be used again and again as long as they are still structurally intact.

Chapter 8 compliant barriers will typically be a single colour. They are widely used in an orange or red colour but are also readily available in white, blue or green. Orange and red safety barriers tend to be the most popular choice for public roadworks as they further increase the visibility of the barriers while they are in place.

Permanent pedestrian barriers may be installed after temporary roadworks are complete. While chapter 8 barriers offer excellent safety during temporary setups they are not intended for permanent fixing. This means that public roadways and urban streetscapes will require a more permanent solution to better suit pedestrians when the area allows for it.

chapter 8 compliant barriers

JSP Barriers for Chapter 8 Compliance

The JSP range of chapter 8 barriers can help all construction and groundworks teams meet the required specifications set out in the Traffic Signs Manual. Each barrier provides a high-quality option for public roadworks and projects. Choose the barrier that best suits your on-site requirements.

The JSP Titan Safety Barrier is one of the stronger barriers on the UK market. Each barrier has been put through rigorous tests to ensure maximum durability while in use. The barriers have been tested with 4-tonne forklifts and offer unrivalled durability. The one-piece mould means no water is collected in the barrier.

The JSP Frontier Safety Barrier is one of the most versatile chapter 8 options on the UK market. The barriers design maximises the airflow meaning unrivalled stability in outdoor conditions. Stackable, transportable and conforms to BS 8442 and EN 12899-1.

street works barriers

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