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A chain barrier is used to deter entry or create queue systems over large spaces. Chains join between individual posts to form a barrier system. Once the chain is attached the barriers can be put in place where needed.

Chain barriers provide a highly adaptable system for queuing or entry denial. Plastic chain barriers are lightweight yet highly durable. They can be moved easily, making them a versatile barrier option for indoor and outdoor use.

Steel chain barriers may be more common for permanent installations. Fix the chain post barriers into the ground where needed and create permanent barriers systems.

chain barriers

There are many benefits to using a chain barrier as opposed to other barrier types.

  • Chain barriers and posts are a cost-effective solution for queueing systems
  • Lightweight designs allow for easy transporting and setups on site
  • Easily stored when not in use
  • Highly durable and can be used indoors and outdoors
  • Adaptable to different project needs
  • Can be easily expanded with more posts and chains

Chain barriers are a perfect solution to social distancing requirements. They help premises to encourage social distancing between visitors, customers or employees. The chains offer an excellent visible barrier that will surely be seen by pedestrians in the area.

plastic chain barrier

The Multi Max Chain Posts allow for quick entry denial or queuing systems. Each set comes with 6 posts and bases. The inclusive chain can cover up to 15 metres. The hard-wearing plastic design of the chain barriers means it is suited for use in outdoor areas like car parks or playgrounds.

To cover a larger distance consider the MegaMax Chain Post Set. This set differs in that it includes 25 metres of chain as standard. The bases can also be filled with sand to increase the weight of the chainbarriers.

All plastic chain posts should include reflective markings for high visibility while in use. This makes them easily seen by pedestrians and motorists alike. To cover more distances consider using additional chain and chain links.

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